Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 minutes at a time

I went in for my 15 week check up with Dr. Grogan today, she is my regular OB who will actually deliver the babies. I just love her, she is so warm and kind, like a friend. They did do an ultra sound which I wasn't expecting. They babies heartbeats were 149, 150 and 153 and they all had great amniotic fluid around them. The tech could hardly get the heartbeats because they were all over the place - looks like three more active babies. Dr. Grogan's office won't measure the babies they will just check heartbeats and fluid so next week will be much more thorough. I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight but she said she was so proud of me and to keep going. My stomach measured like I was 23 weeks pregnant with a single baby (8 weeks ahead of where I am). Dr. Grogan seemed optimistic but she did say I have to stop/"be on house arrest" at 20 weeks meaning no more going to the grocery store, target, errands, etc. and start getting help with Katelyn, that is assuming that I am not on bed rest at that point. That is where I got so overwhelmed, I am not ready to not take care of Katelyn, I feel so sad about that. I know that it is for the lives of three more of my children but Kate is the center of my life right now. I thank God every night that we have so much family who are all willing to help us with her, I couldn't even fathom hiring somebody random to take care of her right now. I also feel like there is so much to get done in the next 4 and a half weeks but like my sister in law Amy told me yesterday - take it 5 minutes at a time. I do feel my body needing to slow down right now, those who know me well know that isn't easy for me and Jeff hounds me everyday to chill out. Aside from that, I am stressed out about selling my car, finding a car (I guess I should give up and say minivan) that we can all fit into, getting Katelyn's new room ready and getting everything we need for three more babies - especially on our budget. I know that God will never give us more then we can handle and please don't get me wrong, we are SO blessed and so excited about our growing family this is all just so overwhelming to me. I still feel like I am living in a dream, it is so unreal that three babies are growing and so far thriving in my belly. As I think I mentioned earlier, from here on out things can get harder from all the pressure of three babies. I really do feel good, my back hurts a lot already but the heating pad and laying down really help. I have a new found respect for anyone carrying multiples, especially these ladies/saints who carry more then I am. Thank God for my wonderful husband who is taking care of SO much around the house and in our lives right now - this is truly a team effort.
Sorry to ramble on in this post but for those of you following our journey, I am going to keep it real and let you all know how this is all going. It is an amazing time in my life and I know God choose me for a reason, he knew I could handle all of this, 5 minutes at a time! Please continue to pray for our family, all 6 of us and all that we have going on. Please also pray for me to get to at least 32 weeks. Dr. G said she would be happy if we get to 30 weeks today, I am going for 32 weeks at least to have them in 2008.


The Partins said...

When are you going to post ultrasound pictures?!?! :-)

I can't even imagine what that looks like. How awesome! Their little hearts are beating so well. They are right where Jamie was. So what will the sleeping arrangements be like? All in the same room?

Chris said...

Hi, thanks for putting me on your blog roll. I will add you to mine as well. I'm praying for you that you hit that 32 week goal. Every week you go past 30 is SO WONDERFUL for those three precious angels! Try not to worry about that bed rest stuff and all you have to do. I'm sure you have people who will step up when the time comes. Your job is to keep those babies safe,happy and growing! You can do all that other stuff after they're here. REALLY! It might sound crazy but you eventually find the time. Well, I only had one so maybe I have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to triplets. If I'm wrong...you can enlist me to come over and help hold babies!!!! Take Care!

Steve, Angela, Kade, Luke, and Alexandria said...

Hi I am Angela from Party of Five. I also blog with Chris and I saw your blog and I jumped over to check it out and I must say Congrats!!! That is great! I saw that you see Dr. Grogan. Is that the same Grogan at Peachtree Womens Clinic. If so I saw Dr. Scott in that office. He delivered my last two and he was great. Anyway I am rambling now. Best of luck to you and I will be checking back in to see what progress you and the girls are making. God Bless!

katie said...

i blog with lori too and thought i'd check you out. lots of prayers and good thoughts for you and your babies. and best wishes to you and your growing family. :)