Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's been awhile...

Wow I have really slowed down on my postings, life is much busier when you aren't on bed rest! January and February have flown by which is a good thing. February is always a busy month for us with Valentines Day, Jeff's birthday and our Anniversary all within a week. And this year we have our cruise only 6 days away (not that I am counting)! I have been keeping very busy watching kids and have a great routine down with a neighbor, I have been watching her twin two year olds two, sometimes three times a week - Katelyn loves having the kids over and my days fly by! I also went to Charleston last week-end with my girls for a girls week-end, I always LOVE my girls trips. I have this great group of girlfriends from college and we have been taking a summer trip together every year since sophomore year in college, this year we decided we needed a mid-winter trip as well as a summer beach trip! We always have the best time together and I always come home so rejuvenated, well tired but rejuvenated too. Katelyn is so amazing, she is getting so big and it is so hard for me to believe she is 19 months old. She is talking so much and yesterday for the first time ever she said "Love you mommy" without me asking her to say it first. I was in the front seat and I just heard her saying "love you mommy" and I almost cried! I can't believe how much she can talk and how big she is getting. My sisters always told me that it would just get better and better and I never believed it but now I do - every month now I think she is more amazing! When I get back from my cruise we are starting the potty training and shortly after that we are moving to a big girl bed! It will be an exciting spring of changes for Katelyn. I know she is so ready to be potty trained, she loves to tell me when she has gone to the bathroom, she has even brought me the wipes, she also loves sitting on the potty. My friend Kim and I took Katelyn and her little boy Bryce to the circus yesterday and Katelyn loved everything about it, especially the animals. I could have been alone with Kate and I would have had to most incredible time - just watching her expressions when she saw everything, it was amazing! I will post some new pictures.
Not much else is new here, Jeff is busy with work and school and he still plans to graduate from the MBA program in August of this year, we can't wait! Obviously we are both extremely excited for our cruise, we need the time away together and I know it is going to be so much fun. We did meet with our IVF doctor and discussed our plans, I also had some tests done and so far all the tests have come back good, we are still waiting on one test. I pray this year blesses us with a sibling for Katelyn and that we can move on from our infertility struggles, we are so ready for that chapter in our lives to be over. We pray all will go well and we won't have to go back to surrogacy, I will definitely keep you all posted.
Well that's all I have to say today, I have missed blogging and will get better now that life has calmed down for us. I hope all is well with everyone. I will post some new pictures of Katelyn soon.

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Chris said...

Good to see you back again. That is awesome about the Love you Mommy! Lindsay is saying love you back to us now too and it's SO amazing!! I agree with you, each month I'm more and more amazed at what she says and does. I missed the boat on the circus this year. I was worried she wouldn't really focus on it all in such a big arena. Maybe I was wrong! Have a BLAST on your cruise! Can't wait to hear your updates and good luck with the last of the testing. I'm praying for you that 2008 will bring JOYFUL NEWS on the baby front!!!