Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Bed!

We have made the transition to the big bed! I took this picture on Katelyn's first ever nap in the bed and I cried, she looks so little! She loves her bed and sleeps even better then she did in her crib. Fortunately she even stays in her bed till we come and get her, I won't hold my breath but it has been almost two weeks and she is doing awesome!

I love the way her big girl room turned out and wish I could capture the whole room for you but here is a glimpse! She loves the butterflies and every morning says "Hi fufferflies"!

I just wanted to share the new pictures, she is so adorable in her room, I can't even stand it!


Kelly & Brent said...

You did a great job on Katelyn's room. Maddie's big girl room is going to be butterflys too. I am so nervous about putting her in a big girl room. I hope it goes as well as it did with Katelyn.

What size bed did you get Katelyn?

Jennifer said...

I love Katelyn's big girl room :) It definitely seems like they are no longer babies when they go to a big girl room. You did a great job and it seems like Katelyn loves it too.

The Partins said...

I LOVE her new room! It is SO cute.

lisakanesanders said...

How cute is that! Please come do my kids rooms!

Chris said...

Very cute and girly! I guess butterflies are the theme. Lindsay's new bedding has butterflies too. We're going more yellow and lavender with hers though. Glad to hear she's doing well. We're planning on getting Lindsay in her big girl room in June. That nap picture is just ADORABLE!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! If you don't mind I would love to know where you got Katelyn's chandelier? I am looking for one for my daughter's room. There are lots of pics on my site if you would like to see the nursery!

Bethany said...

Her new reoom is so adorable. I love the pink!!! And her bed is awesome!! So glad she likes it.

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Kelly & Brent said...

Where did you get Katelyn's bed for her big girl room? I have been looking for a white bed and where thing I find is off white, or antique white (even though through description states that it is white).
Thanks for your help!