Monday, June 16, 2008

To all my praying friends...

Just a quick post to let you all know that tomorrow morning is my surgery to get my cerclage! I am anxious to have this whole week behind me but especially tomorrow. Katelyn is staying with my mother in law for two nights and my mom for two nights so I should be able to stay off my feet through the week-end. Jeff and I will arrive at the hospital at 6am tomorrow and my procedure is scheduled for 7:30am. I am going to spend one night and will come home Wednesday morning to lay low. I will try and post Wednesday to let you all know how everything went but I know it is going to go fine. I am obviously filled with anxiety as the last time I checked in to the hospital I delivered the girlies. I have so much fear that something will happen tomorrow but I know this is a very common procedure so I am focusing on that. Please pray for my heart to be calm, for God to wrap his hands around the baby, for God to direct the doctors hands and allow him to get the best two stitches he can put in, please pray for my body to accept the cerclage and to relax and not contract! I know, it is a lot to ask but I know I have many people out there praying and we feel all your prayers!
Once tomorrow is over, the first milestone will be met for me in this pregnancy! Yeah!

Thanks for all your prayers,


Tim said...

Try to get some rest tonight and enjoy Katelyn! Glad you posted to give us a heads up. You certainly are in my prayers! Just remember God is in control, and He will be watching over you and your precious bundle!

lisakanesanders said...

I know everything will go smoothly tomorrow. Take it easy the rest of the week. Please let us know if you need anything.
We love you!
The Sanders

Jennifer said...

We will definitely be praying for you, the baby, and the doctors tomorrow. We all know everything will go ok, but it can never hurt to pray! Hope you can get some rest this week and then you will have so much to look forward to in this pregnancy....

Kim said...

You will be in my prayers but I know everything will go as planned, just perfectly. Make sure you relax afterwards and enjoy the rest. Call me when you get bored...I'm always here for you!

Chris said...

MY prayers are with you as well. I know you will be in great hands on all counts! Sleep well and rest up...this step will be over before you know it!

arg0129 said...

Katie, I am thinking about you...I know everything is going to go well today.


Kelly & Brent said...

I hope your surgery went okay. Get plenty of rest so that you heal fast and play with Katelyn soon.
Thinking about you!

Tim said...

Praying things went well . . . waiting to hear from you!