Saturday, August 23, 2008

A good day full of doctors appointments

Yesterday was a crazy day of doctors appointments for us. Jeff and I spent two hours at a Pediatric eye doctor to have Katelyn's eyes checked. I was a little annoyed to begin with because I really didn't think she had this lazy eye that the pediatrician found but I had to be a good mom and make sure. I have to admit for two hours of eye testing, Kate did amazing. Her eyes are absolutely perfect and she has no signs of any eye problems, thank goodness! I am glad that is over with and that everything checked out. In the afternoon I had my appointment with Dr. Korotkin and it was another good appointment. For the third week in a row the baby is measuring a week ahead of where I am so it measured 24 weeks yesterday. I originally thought my due date was the 17th of December and for the past three weeks that is exactly where the baby is measuring...not that it really matters but further away from Christmas the better. My cervix was 3.7 which is still really good, even though I still wanted it to be above 4. I hope it will stay above 3.7 so I don't have to worry at all. Dr. Korotkin was very happy and wasn't worried at all. He was so compassionate yesterday and had me all choked up in my appointment, he squeezed my hand and said "we made it Katie, we made it through this this week", I just about wanted to cry. Then he asked me how Jeff was, if he was doing OK with all of this. I thought it was so compassionate of him to worry and ask those questions, I know he is a busy man but to take the time and check in emotionally really meant a lot to me. I expressed my frustrations with Dr.G to him. I was supposed to see her on Monday but they called me and canceled the appointment because she has to leave early so as it worked out I won't see her for another two weeks now. Which means I went these emotionally trying 4 weeks without the care of my OB, a little irritating. I mean thank goodness I have Dr. K. We also discussed some testing that was in the plan for this pregnancy that hasn't been done so he is going to send notes to Dr. G to make sure all that gets done at my next appointment. I will see Dr. K next Friday then I am going to try and alternate the weeks I see him and Dr. G, so I will see one of them every week. He also let me talk about my delivery for the first time ever yesterday, he even said he wished I would ask about it - that is very promising!!! He feels it would be best if we could avoid a C-section since I have had so many abdominal surgeries and he would really like to try and have me deliver without the C-section. They have to give me a good epidural to get the cerclage out so he will take the cerclage out and induce me on the same day!!! Assuming we make it that far and all goes well, it sounds wonderful to me! So all in all things are going really well. I will try and post a new belly shot soon. Also, I made it another week without finding out the gender!



Katie said...

Kate that is all great to hear. I am glad your appointment went well and that Dr. K has been so supportive. What an exciting week!

The Partins said...

I'm glad you had a great appointment! sheesh girl... I don't know how you are able to not find out if your baby is a boy or girl, with the opportunity to find out hanging in front of you every week like an evil little carrot. ha-ha. I think it is FABULOUS that you are going to wait though. What a wonderful surprise on the big day!!!

MBKimmy said...

Great great news ... and even more wonderful that the Dr is so "real" I love that he actully cares, not many Dr's out there like that ... you will NEVER forget him!

Amanda said...

Hey girl! So happy for you! I hope you can rest a little more easy. Would love to ask you about something -- Send me an email if you can and I will email back