Friday, October 17, 2008

A good update!

Sorry it has taken me a few days to update things, I wanted to wait till my appointment with Dr. K this morning.To tell you I have been a little on edge lately would be an understatement. I have nothing to compare this experience with except the end of my pregnancy with the triplets. Not only does this all remind me too much of that time, it is the same time of the year as we are nearing the one year birthday of our girls. When I went into the hospital with the triplets at 20 weeks for my contractions, I was in much better shape than I was on Sunday. My contractions weren't as strong and my cervix was longer (3.5). When they sent me home on the meds (the same one's i am on now) I felt great and thought everything was so fine and under control as everyone kept telling me. Two weeks later I was no longer pregnant so you can all see where this all makes me a little anxious. I know, the situations are totally different and I am so much further along but I am scared nonetheless. I did end up coming home on Tuesday afternoon, thank goodness. My contractions are totally under control right now and have gone back to the good old braxton hicks which I can totally handle. The new medicine is keeping things quiet and honestly contraction wise I feel better than I have in weeks. My cervix measurements today were 2.8, 2.8 and one 3.0 so I will think of the 3.0 and be content. Dr. K decided to examine me as well since the midwife claimed my cervix was soft, he didn't feel it was soft at all and told me things felt very good!!! He told me they don't like to see the cervix below 2.5 so we are still good and as long as my contractions are controlled it really shouldn't change. Last Friday to Sunday it did go down so thank goodness we went in and the doctors were so aggressive in stopping everything. I still have a little room to increase the meds I am on so that makes me feel really good too, he said if things pick back up to increase everything, I have 5 more weeks on the meds than I am on my own!! NO MORE SHOTS EVER!!! He also said I could be up a little bit during the day which is much better than being flat on my side all day. He said I couldn't really do anything but it would be OK to be up at home a little in the morning time and off my feet all afternoon/evening. With my cervix as low as it is, we are not going to push anything right now, not till I get much further along. I think I will be resting here but at least I feel like I can be up some of the day to help with Kate and play with her. Dr. K did tell me it was going to be very hard to get my stitches out, he said he wanted to warn Jeff and I that it was going to be awful and he was going to have to do a strong epidural, he had told me about the epidural but he hadn't told me how awful it was going to be, I guess I appreciate his honesty. He said the stitch is way up in my cervix and has embedded itself in there - lovely. I asked him if I made it if we could try and do it as late as possible, he has always said 37 to 38 weeks but today he said if I can make it we can do it in my 38th week if things are going OK. I have heard so many horror stories lately about people getting induced too early and I DON'T want that at all. Trust me I already am as over it as anyone else but I don't want any chance of the baby not being ready to come out. I don't know what my body will do when I stop all the meds so I may not make it that far but that is what I am hoping for, that will be the second week in December - my hope is sometime the week of the 8th. I imagine they will give me a date pretty soon since we have to schedule both doctors to be there, only 7 and a half weeks!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe how close we are to closing this chapter in our lives - to tell you we are more than ready is an understatement! It is time for our lives to move on with our little blessings.
Kate is doing awesome, she hasn't missed a beat this week. She has loved all the action, the on the go with different family members and even has snuggled up with me on many occasions. She has been so sweet and doesn't seem affected at all by all of this, I pray it continues that way and that all this passes quickly so I don't have to have help with her anymore!
I have some great pictures from the pumpkin patch last week-end so I will post those soon. Yes I know it probably wasn't a good idea to visit the pumpkin patch in my condition but I am pretty sure I learned my lesson:)!


Kim said...

Yay...I'm so glad you had such a great appointment, Katie. 7.5 weeks will fly by!

Chris said...

So glad to see this update and know you're doing ok! I can imagine that this is a time you are ready to see over with once and for all. To finally have that baby here and in your arms will be the greatest JOY! I am hoping you and I will both find 2009 to be the most "NORMAL" year ever!!

MattandErin said...

I am so glad you had a good appointment today and that Dr. K put your fears at ease... Stay in there for 7 more weeks, Baby Gordon! I can't wait to meet you!