Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are some adorable pre - Halloween pictures!
Jenna, Kate and Ellie ready for the fall festival at school this morning
no costumes just western day!

Nana made these adorable purple butterfly outfits for Kate and Haley!
We celebrated together last week-end before the girls had time to destroy the outfits!

A little love with mommy

Aren't I cute?

Posing for the camera!

Happy Halloween everyone, have a fun night and be safe!


Jennifer said...

Katie, Kate is the cutest butterfly ever! She is just precious.... I am looking forward to the days when Ansley will pose for the camera.

Kim said...

Kate is so cute! I love her butterfly costume. ;) Tell Grandma Janice that she did a great job and is SO talented!

Nana said...

The cute butterfly cousins look like twin sisers instead of cousins. I guess you could call them "twin cousins".

Kelly and Brent said...

Oh Kate looks adorable in her butterfly costume! I love all the purple and pink and the tights are so cute! I hope you guys had fun trick or treating.

MBKimmy said...

She is so so adorable! I love it! Hope you are feeling well and getting ready ... baby is soon!

Katherine said...

Will you sew me a costume like that for MK next year? I will pay you!!! LOoks great and Katelyn is adorable! I will text you tomorrow after my ultrasound. I can't believe you have been so good and not found out! I think the bedding thing is so cool, to think the seamstress knows!!!

Katherine said...

Oh, yeah, when it says "Katherine" that is me, Katie. I have a new email address!