Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here I am...

I have such good intentions of keeping things updated here but adjusting to life with two kids and getting ready for the holidays has been somewhat of an overload for me. Things here are going awesome, life is so full and so busy, it could not be better right now. I will start with our little man, Blake is adjusting to life with all of us just fine, he has been such a sweet baby, so content and so peaceful, we are praying he stays that way. We went back for his 2 week check up and he had gained 9 ounces in a week and was up to 7lbs 10 oz, which is awesome! We have to go back to one weight check next week to make sure he hits his birth weight, they aren't concerned but said they need to document him reaching his birth weight. He is nursing great, sleeping pretty good at night and is awake more each day. You forget about this newborn stage and how much they sleep. I am still in complete awe of Blake, many times each day I just look at him and thank God for him. I also thank the girls, Kelsey, Emma and Lauren as I like to believe they sent Blake to us. He is such a precious gift and was so meant to be in our lives, it helps me to understand God's plan for our family. I feel like he has always been here but at the same time it is hard to believe over two weeks have gone by. He is so amazing! Here are some new pictures for you all to enjoy, I can't stop taking pictures, every minute I think he has changed!


Hanging out
Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Now for an update on Katelyn! She is an amazing big sister and is really adjusting well considering all the changes around here. We had a good week together getting into our routine without so many people around. Monday Kate had her preschool Christmas program and was adorable on the stage, she wouldn't sing or participate but I was so proud of her for staying on the stage that I didn't even care. Tuesday night I took Kate to see Santa with my family while Jeff stayed home with Blake. Wednesday night Jeff took Kate to see Santa with his family while Blake and I stayed behind. It was nice for each of us to have some alone time with Kate and to get out of the house. Kate was adorable with Santa, sat on his lap and told him she wanted a dollhouse and puzzles for Christmas, she also thought she should tell Santa that her tummy was sick (weeks ago). She really is so into Christmas this year, it is so much fun and reminds us of the magic of this time of the year! I can't wait for Christmas morning with her, I am praying we all stay healthy this year since last year Kate was so sick. Kate is out of school for a few weeks and I am looking forward to having her home and not having to get her out the door in for preschool. We have a fun but low key Christmas planned and I am just looking so forward to spending more time getting adjusted and enjoying my family. This is going to be the BEST Christmas I have ever had and I can't wait! Here are some pictures of Kate's exciting week!
Visiting Santa with cousin Haley!

Riding the merry go round with Papa after seeing Santa

Waiting in line with my cousins
(Kyleigh, Kate, Ellie and Jenna)

Getting ready to head to school for the Christmas Program!

That's all for tonight, I am off to bed to hopefully get a few hours of sleep! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. I am going to be much better about updating my blog now, I promise!


Jennifer said...

Blake is just precious and gets cuter and cuter everyday. I am so glad everything is going well and the adjustment is going smoothly with Kate....

That is great that Kate loves Santa, Ansley did not! And I love the dress she is wearing in the pictures, too cute!

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

The Partins said...

You have such PRETTY babies!!!! Blake is precious... I bet you kiss those cute little lips hourly! And Kate... just as beautiful as ever. I love her dress!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

Katie - Blake is adorable! And I bet Kate just loves over him all the time!

Did y'all laugh as much as we did at the Christmas program?! They were ADORABLE!

Have a wonderful Christmas! I know you have already received the gift of a lifetime. :)

MBKimmy said...

He is adorable! I know you are eating him up! Love that you aren't forgetting to spend one on one time with Kate! It took us a awhile to figure out how to fit time for Tatum and just me in ... since I was breast feeding I had a hard time leaving him.
Merry Christmas!

Amanda said...

Oh Katies! My heart is SO happy for you guys! Your family is beautiful! I know this will be the best Christmas ever! Sounds like you are doing great! So happy to hear! Post some nursery pics soon so we can see the final product when you get around to it!

arg0129 said...

Blake is adorable! So sorry I missed Sunday..we were heading to FLA for the holidays. We are still here, but back on Sunday. We will have to get together when we get back and get settled back in. I can't wait to meet Blake!