Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost past my major milestone!

Here I am at 22 weeks! (yes I am wearing the same shirt as I was
in a previous picture, no judging)

AHH I am not even sure where the time is going..which is a good thing but what is crazy to me is that I am just over 22 weeks (MY WORST WEEK in my mind) and I just had the busiest week at work and I didn't hardly stop to think - here I am! In two days I will pass the day I lost the girls which is amazing to me, what hides in the back of my mind as 'the' dreaded day is almost here and we are going to get through it with just perfectly! The part I still sometimes stop and really take in is that I know what this sweet baby would feel like in my arms right now, I don't want to feel her right now (in my arms) but it is amazing and mind blowing to me to know that feeling!! I do love feeling Emily moving and each time she does, I stop what I am doing and smile...I can't wait to meet her when it is time! Tomorrow I am actually going to the UGA football game with my good friend to see a bunch of my sorority sisters and I never thought I would do anything like that during pregnancy! With Blake I was such a hermit and didn't go anywhere or do anything! Last week I saw Dr. K and Dr. G, everything looked wonderful. My cervix was at 4, which is perfect and sweet Emily measured exactly where I am (not 24 days ahead like Blake did at this point)! Everything looked great and we were very excited! Kate and Blake are so excited, they talk to their baby sissy all the time and they ask me every other day how much longer till Christmas because they know she will be coming shortly after Christmas! I love that the kids are aware and old enough to really take part in this pregnancy, I love that Kate can feel so much a part of this and I love that her and Blake will know and probably remember a lot of this (especially Kate)! I love listening to her talk or sing to my belly and to listen to her dream about Emily in the same way that I do only as a's beyond what I ever imagined I would get to experience with her! I love it all and I am immensely enjoying this pregnancy, which is what I asked God to bless us with this time around! I pray the rest of this goes as well as it has to date and that we can continue the overwhelming peace we have over baby Emily and my body being able to carry her to term!

Here are some awesome new pictures I took of my kids and my impromptu photo shoot! They are looking so much alike these days it takes my breath away!!

I had to zoom on my kids in this group shot, I love their natural looks and the only good one of B smiling!

They look like they are solving the world together, sometimes I think they are...
My ALL time favorite, Jeff had this put on a canvas for me for my birthday!! Up close their profiles are precious and their sweet noses are touching...ahh I love!


Ashly said...

Super sweet, good pics! I'm so excited this pregnancy is going different emotionally than Blake's! What a blessing! I pray for you and Emily all the time. You look beautiful. Didn't I give you clothes so you wouldn't have to wear the same thing all the time? LOL!

Chris said...

WOW!! Congratulations Katie!! Long time no talk! I just popped on over to see how you and the fam were doing and girl was I shocked! PUN INTENDED! I love that last pic of the kid's kissing! You are so BRAVE! I admire your strength and I LOVE the name you picked for this baby. My daughter is in Kindergarten this year too. Lindsay just got her first report card today and it was marvelous. Come see my blog page. We have her school Fall Festival tomorrow, so I will be blogging that in a day or two. Lindsay's sister is 3 now. Where does the time go? I remember when you were pregnant with Blake and your three ANGELS! I am so happy for you that you are expecting another beautiful girl!! You look great! I'll be praying for you through the winter! My birthday is 12/27 so you can have a CAPRICORN!!Peace for you through the next few days. Stay busy so you won't stress. (((HUGS)))