Friday, December 9, 2011

My little man turns 3 - and baby update!

Friday December 3rd we celebrated Blake's 3rd birthday - seriously, he turned 3!! I can hardly believe it has been 3 years since we brought that little miracle into this world and being so far along pregnant again makes it seem like I just went through this! We had a fun birthday celebration at a little indoor place by our house, Blake loved playing with everyone but his absolute favorite part was his Dump Truck cake made by one of my dear friends Kate! Still a week later when you ask Blake what he got for his birthday he says, a dump truck cake!
Isn't that cake amazing, the 'dirt' was crushed oreo's and it tasted so good we ate every bite of it! Blake is crazy about anything that has wheels on it, he loves his cars and trucks! Blake and his cousin Gordon had a blast on these plasma cars!
We also played a little rock band, or pretended to...
Gordon and Blake couldn't be separated so we added Gordon to our family photo!

We had a blast celebrating Blake man and all the joy he brings us, what a blessing he is to our lives, his personality has changed so much over the past year, he is still a complete momma's boy but he is more outgoing, confident and personable than he was before. He is actually reminding me a lot more of his sissy as he gets a little older. I think he is still the sweetest little man I have ever met, he is a total lover and will lay with me on the couch all day if he can. All throughout the day he comes up to me or Jeff and says 'I love you mommy' or 'I love you daddy' out of nowhere. He constantly asks if he can kiss baby Emily and if he bumps into me at all, he immediately says "Sorry baby Emily". I just can't wait to see him as a big brother! is to three amazing years with Blake and the blessing he is in our lives!

We asked Blake if we could go to the Christmas tree farm on his birthday and he said 'yeah that would be cool'! Kate was so excited and so was mommy, since we weren't in our house last Christmas we were SO excited to get our decorations out and get our tree! Here we are after eating smores, we forgot to get a picture by our tree we picked out! (PS I don't think Blake liked smiling at the stranger who was taking the picture).

Sissy loved her smore's
On Sunday we took Kate on a special mommy and daddy date and went to see the Grinch at the Fox, SO much fun and SO fun to see the excitement in Kate's eyes! We are officially in the Christmas spirit! I can't believe I am going to post this picture but I have to, it is so funny because it looks like my belly is going to take Kate right out...I am huge again! But here we are in front of the Fox.
As you can see, we have had a really fun month this far and believe it or not, I have been laying low a lot! After my last post, we were having a lot of trouble, pain and contractions and the doctors finally figured out I had a bad infection adding to the pain and the amount of contractions. I had a bad infection when I had the triplets so I was beyond relieved when they discovered this, this time it wasn't too late. I did a round of different antibiotics and things seemed to be better. This past weekend I did a lot and I felt pretty good. Monday I tried to stop the contraction medicine as it makes my blood pressure drop so low I can't stand it. However by Wednesday I was completely back on it, I had a rough night and Dr. G told me yesterday I have to take it around the clock right now, I do need it and I don't want miss Emily coming before January! I don't know what I think, I feel so much like I did at the end of my pregnancy with the triplets that I just keep thinking I am going to have her soon but my stitches are holding up good and that gives me peace, also I am over 32 weeks now and Emily is measuring two weeks ahead (just like Blake did) so we are going to be OK if heaven forbid I should go into full labor before she is good and ready! I am trying to take it easy but this is a busy season and anyone who has kids can understand that there is too much happening and too much I don't want to miss with Kate and Blake during this magical time with them. Most important, another week has gone by and I am still pregnant and every week now matters SO much!

Well, that was a big update so I am off for now. I am going to try and update more as I love reading back of the time right up till I had Blake - he will love that someday!

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Chris said...

You LOOK FABULOUS!!! Merry Christmas!! I know the kid's are having a fabulous Christmas time and Happy 3rd b-day to Blake!!

You will make it, I know you will!!

HAPPY 2012 as it should be!!