Tuesday, January 17, 2012

38 weeks & a room fit for another princess!

I am 38 weeks and still going...I am excited to be this far along but getting really excited to meet this sweet baby girl too! I go to the doctor in the morning so we will see what she says!

Here are some pictures of her nursery, I love love love the way it has turned out, so different and unique..it is like a breath of fresh air!

I never thought I would say this but we can now be praying that sweet Emily would come into the world soon...we are all ready for her to arrive:)!


Kelly and Brent said...

Love the nursery!! Such pretty colors!! Where did you get the pom pom balls? Did you make them? I want to put some in Hailey's room but not sure if I should make them or buy them.

So happy that you are doing well and that baby Emily is going to be here SO soon!! Can't wait to hear the exciting news!! Enjoy these last few weeks with your kiddos. :)

Nana said...

The nursery is beautiful, congratulations on making it to the end. It is blessed to hear you say, "pray that she'll soon come". Good luck being a mother of "3".

Gramma said...

So Beautiful and 0h so exciting! Is that your Baby Emily shower setting the joyful tone for her life? Kate's work is so great. I had fun cliking on to her blog.She has so much talent. My prayer's are posted daily Of course my love and hugs for all the Gordon's. Gramma :))