Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We survived ONE month

I can't believe it has already been one month since little Miss Emily joined our family!! I am not sure where the month has gone and I am now finally catching my breath (a little)! I am having a blast, completely exhausted, adjusting to this new craziness, busier then we have ever been, learning the newborn stage all over, sometimes so tired I can't function and I have NEVER been happier! Emily is a good baby, not as laid back as Blake was but she is doing really well. Her tummy troubles have started but we are all over it this time - seeing as Blake had a milk allergy and Kate had severe lactose intolerance/reflux. Emily is already on medicine for the reflux and we have all the other tricks we know of to use, not wasting our time with guessing anything this time. We checked her for Blake's milk allergy and so far it was negative. We go tomorrow for her one month check up and we will see how big she is getting. She is sleeping better, most nights now I just get up one time around 3 and then we make it till 7 which is perfect. The mornings that we get up to feed around 4am, kill me because I am typically then up for the day with school, getting everyone ready, etc. Blake and Kate are still loving baby Emily, Blake kisses her all the time and just loves her and Kate is completely my big helper, she is amazing with her! To add to our excitement over the past month, Kate got hurt on the trampoline, she chipped two ligaments off the bone in her ankle and is in a boot, we go back a week from tomorrow to check things but OH MY WORD, that day rocked my world and I was immediately thrown into the challenges of life with three - finally and for the first time in maybe forever, I had to call Jeff to come home from work and help me!!! She is healing well but is frustrated and ready to get the boot off, I don't blame her, it's no fun! I don't have much time to update but wanted to get something blogged and add some new pictures!

One month old 2/20/12
My favorite moments in the morning, snuggling in bed
Talking to Emily...they love her so much!
A little more alert each day!

Daddy/Daughter Dance, a little princess with her prince...LOVE!

Daddy's other princess...


Jennifer said...

Yay! One month down and a lifetime to go but youn are supermom and will do great :)

Chris said...

WOOHOO! Thanks for the update!! Can't wait to hear how her doc appt went, so how much has she gained? She is beautiful! Loved the Daddy/Daughter Dance photo! So adorable!! Congratulations 100 times more!!
Chris Bresnan

MattandErin said...

Can't wait to spend the week with y'all!