Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A great report today!

OK here are the belly shots from this week, 21 weeks and 3 days, I feel like I have slowed down a little...tomorrow I will wake up three times this size for saying that. I know the bare belly shots aren't pretty but I think you get a better idea of how large I am when you see that.

Today I saw the high risk doctor for another cervix check and everything looked great! The bed rest and medicine is working because my cervix went back to 3.5, yeah!! I am not reacting well to the terbutaline so they are thinking of changing me to Procardia, we will talk about that tomorrow. The girls weren't measured today but we checked on them and they were great. Baby B's legs are tucked up under my ribs and it is pretty uncomfortable, other then that they are doing great. I can't believe how much I feel them moving now, it is non-stop. I also passed my first diabetes test so I don't have to worry about that, I will probably have one more test in a few weeks since my risk is so high with multiples. I still have a lot of contractions during the day but they aren't as frequent and they aren't changing my cervix so that is what really matters.

Katelyn is doing pretty good. I think yesterday she was over having all these different people coming and going to take care of her. After realizing that I had 10 different people taking care of Katelyn this week, Jeff and I decided it was going to be best for our family to find someone to come in more full time. I interviewed a wonderful lady yesterday who lives in our area, Katelyn seemed to really like her too. It looks like she will start on Monday and work Monday -Thursday. I am looking forward to having one person here and one person that I can count on each week, it will be so much less stress for me not having to coordinate who is watching her when. I also think Kate needs the routine and stability in her life right now. Please pray this person works out, I think she will be wonderful, I just hope she enjoys it as well. I think I will also be able to get more rest with this situation!

So thats all for tonight, I really am going to post pictures from the shower that my neighbors had a few weeks ago, hopefully tomorrow. And we have a really fun couples shower planned for this week-end, my dad and Nancy are coming in town and we are really looking forward to the week-end...don't worry I will be laying on the couch at the shower!
As always thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers, God is so amazing!

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Cristi said...

Hi! I saw your post on triplet connection and I am also pregnant with three girls-2 identical and 1 fraternal and we have a 3 year old daughter. Just thought I'd say congratulations!! I am 24 wks, 3 days. Have a great day!!


(I just started so there's not too much there yet!!)