Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Half way there!

Today I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant, hopefully I am half way there since I really want to make it to 34 weeks! I went for my weekly check up yesterday and everything still looks great! The babies heartbeats were 159, 160 and 162 and Emma had the hiccups, it was so funny to watch! My cervix remains long and closed, thank you God! Every week now is crucial for my cervix not to start dilating. Dr. Grogan was pleased, she did ask me if I was making sure not to lift Katelyn, I about died, I held her all week last week since she was sick. I told her the truth, what can I do? I have two and a half weeks, October 20th is the day I start my "modified" bed rest. That means I will really no longer be able to care for Katelyn alone all day, my schedule will be up to eat breakfast then horizontal till lunch, up to eat lunch then horizontal till dinner, up to eat dinner then horizontal till breakfast - does that sound like fun for 14 weeks? I know it will be so worth it though so I am going to follow all the doctors orders the best that I can. I want these girls to stay in there and grow as big and strong as they can before they enter the world. Thank God for my mom, mother in law and family, everyone is offering to work together to have Katelyn covered so she can stay with our family, I don't know what I would do without my amazing family! Yesterday my uterus measured 27 weeks pregnant so in three weeks I will be like a 30 week pregnant person, that is why the pressure of the babies can be so hard on me. Honestly, I don't know why it still shocks me when she tells me that I have to stop at 20 weeks, they have told me that since I was 6 weeks pregnant - I just don't know how 20 weeks got here so fast! I feel great though, occasionally I am really exhausted and my back hurts but I can't complain, all is going so well, praise God!
Another great answer to our prayers is that we sold our car over the week-end! My friend Katie's parents bought it and it was so nice to work with people we knew, everything was so easy! We are looking at a Honda Odyssey tomorrow night that we are hoping to buy. Katelyn's new room and the car were two major things I was praying to have done before bed rest and those prayers have been answered!
Katelyn is feeling better this week but is waking up at 5:45am each morning now, just what I need is 2 hours added to my day. I am not sure what is going on but I think she is getting her molars, I think 5 teeth are now working their way in, I feel so sorry for her, I am sure it hurts!
That's all that I have to report this week. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, things are moving along as we need them to! Like I said earlier from 18 weeks on it is truly week by week, please keep those prayers coming.


The Partins said...

I have 2 words for you... Laptop Computer. If you don't already have one, beg, borrow or steall one while you are on bed rest and sign up for a game site or something... Just think, you are half way there! That is AWESOME! It really does fly by and then you will have 3 adorable babies and 1 proud big sister to love forever! My mom was on Bed Rest for 3 months with me too... she said soap operas saved her sanity. ha-ha.

Chris said...

Yes, Lori is right. You can eat breakfast, blog, get horizontal. Eat lunch, blog, get horizontal. You get the picture...
So glad everything is falling into place for you as you prepare for the second phase of your pregnancy. You're right it will ALL be worth it when you get to the prize!

Bethany said...

Hi, my name is Bethany and I am a friend of Lori's. I just checked out your blog and wanted to say Congratulations and Good Luck. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. How old is she? The laptop thing is a great idea. I had bedrest with my first pregnancy and wouldn't have made it through without my laptop. We'll keep checking in and keep your family in our prayers too!