Monday, October 8, 2007

18 weeks and some new pictures

It is so hard for me to believe I am already 18 weeks, this has truly flown by for me. I kept thinking 18 weeks was so far off since everything I have read tells me how much things can change around 18 weeks and how it suddenly becomes so week by week. I suddenly really believe that...Friday night I was having such bad pains in my stomach but they went away when I laid down and drank water, I had them again Saturday morning but again I just had to lay down, nothing was consistent. I didn't pick Katelyn up all week-end since Jeff was around and I think that really helped. I am very anxious to go tomorrow and just make sure everything is looking OK. Lucky for me the kids are out of school today so I have a young girl who has watched Katelyn before here helping me till her nap. I am trying to line up help everyday now for sure. I have to admit it is so strange to have someone helping me, I am so used to doing everything for her. I need to get over that! I have got to get a laptop so I can lay down and be on the computer, it will help kill so much time!

We did pick up our new Honda Odyssey Friday night! It is a really nice car and Katelyn loves the DVD player! I wanted to get a picture of Jeff pulling up in the minivan Friday night but I couldn't find the camera so there will be pictures later.

I have the most adorable picture of Katelyn kissing her sissy's (my belly), she may start calling belly's sissy's because she really has no clue but I like to think she knows.

Also, here is my belly at 18 weeks - I know many of you won't recognize me since I am not in the black shorts and grey t-shirt as I said earlier I do get dressed during the day!

I will update you tomorrow with the doctors visit, we see Dr. Korotkin so we will get good measurements of the girls, praying for them all to measure the same and my cervix to not have changed at all!

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