Monday, October 8, 2007

Kate lovin on her sissy's

I think this is the sweetest thing!


chefsteffi said...

Oh Katie
Just finally got on it is wonderful and you look terrific!!!That is a classic and should be sent into parents mag!
Lighting candles when I go to mass and y'all are on several prayer lists that I put you will be sooo much fun time will go by fats with the holidays helping!
Mommy wort!

Chris said...

You look great! That is the sweetest pic ever. Good luck at your next appt.

Bethany said...

Love it!! My daughter called bellies "bubba" until her baby brother was born. It was cute. You look great. Glad that everything is going so well.

Gramma said...

Yeah for Katie, Jeff, Katelyn and the
"bellies"! What a great report!
Thanks God, once again! Keep on saying YES to all those emails, God.
Maybe we should call those prayers
G-Mails)!. . .

We Love you Gordans, Each One the Most.

Gramma and Grampa Jim