Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potty Training - Day 1

Now I realize that every parent thinks their child is so smart and wonderful and I am one of those parents. Therefor I had a preconceived notion that potty training would just click with my smart daughter...apparently I even thought the very first day she would completely get it - boy was I wrong! Yesterday was somewhat of a trying day for me, I didn't dare let Katelyn know but I was so frustrated. Bless her heart...she peed on the floor all day except the one time I was in the shower and I got out and she had peed and pooped all by herself in her potty!!! What the heck, if I am not around she does it. Around 6 last night I put her back in a diaper and headed to my nieces softball game, I was done! But today I am rejuvenated and we are going to keep going. I tried the naked approach yesterday but today I think I am going to try some undies and see if that irritates her feeling wet. I know she can do it, it will just take time. I am going to give it a good solid week before I am allowed to give up, hopefully she will have made huge improvement in a week. I did plan this for the holiday week-end so Jeff could help me, he told me he was leaving town. We will see how day 2 goes today!

As for me, I am feeling good. I had a bad head cold for a few days but it seems to have worked itself out. I also am having horrible headaches but the doctor decreased my estrogen and I think that will help. My ob, Dr. G canceled my appointment for this past Monday so now I see her tomorrow. I see her tomorrow, Dr. K Tuesday and my "graduation appointment" with the IVF doctor on Thursday, I think I should be good and taken care of next week. I am ready to see the baby again. My stomach is so bloated looking already, I believe it is from being pregnant so recently. I am completely out of my pants but I had just lost all my weight from the triplets the week before I got pregnant and now that I can't do any exercises I guess I am just going to be huge - oh well. I lost it before I can do it again!

Wish me luck today, potty training he** continues!


Matt&Erin said...

Ack... Now I'm nervous about potty training Wes! Don't worry - Kate will do great. Just ride out the week as best you can! Call me with updates on your appts! Erin

The Partins said...

Oh gosh, GOOD LUCK!!! When you figure it out, please post tips & tricks!!!! And don't worry about the weight gain, I say EAT! It's the only time in your life when big is beautiful! :-) That's why God gave us the terrible twos, to work off all the weight gain from pregnancy.

lisakanesanders said...

Ah, potty training. You sound like you are doing everything right, so I am sure she will catch on by the end of the week. I used those Gerber underwear and rubber pants with Ben so he would feel wet and my floors stayed remotely clean. FYI you are the bravest person I know to potty train while in your first trimester.

Chris said...

Good luck with the potty training. I love Lori's advice and comment! She's right!
Can't wait to hear how she's been doing. Hey, I have an appt with Dr. Stone on Tuesday but I'm at 2:30...will we cross paths? Would love to meet a fellow blogger.
Congrats on the graduation appt too. It is scary but happy and kind of weird to move on from the fertility doc to the regular OB.