Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Week-end and baby update

A quick potty training update - we had to back off from our efforts around here. After day two of still peeing on the floor and a distraught Katelyn, I realized maybe she really isn't ready. It was like she couldn't register to get on the potty in time and once she peed on herself she couldn't recover, she was so upset. Saturday at the pool when she first got out of the water, she thought she was peeing on herself and just started crying saying "uh oh mommy I pee peed". I felt so bad for her and it hit me that she really isn't getting it yet. I will keep trying but I am slowing down my efforts and letting her dictate a little bit - she isn't even 2 yet so please don't think I am a quitter! Here is the proof that I really tried, even her cousins helped me...

On to bigger and better things...we had such an awesome week-end with little plans and lots of pool time! Last year Katelyn was so unsure of the water and all she wanted to do was walk around the pool, it wasn't much fun to go to the pool. We were shocked this week-end to see our little fish loving the pool. We spent most of our week-end at my moms pool and about half a day at our neighborhood pool. Katelyn was jumping in, going under water and swimming like a fish! She loved the slide at our neighborhood pool and her and Jeff must have gone down it 10 times in a row, you could hear her laughing all the way down, it was hilarious! Here are some cute pictures...

And this sums up Kate's week-end!

Now an update on our smallest peanut...everything is going really well. I met with Dr. G Friday and made the decision to stay in her care (my ob). She did the basic appointment with an ultra sound and we discussed the "plan" for this pregnancy. She will attend the surgery with Dr. K and will admit me for 24 hour monitoring of the baby following the surgery, I will feel 100% better about that. I saw Dr. K today for my 6th ultra sound in 10 weeks and the baby looked great! It is fun to get all these ultra sounds in the first few weeks because the changes are so dramatic. The baby was so big today and moving all around. The heart beat was good and strong at 167 and the baby measured 10 weeks and 4 days so a few days ahead of where I am today. My cervix was long and closed (4cm) which is the best it can be, I pray it stays there for my surgery, that would be best case scenario. I had the blood work done for the NT Scan and the big ultra sound will be two weeks from tomorrow. Dr. K gave me a big hug and told me to email or call him anytime I need him - I left there feeling so cared for, he is so wonderful to me. I see Dr. Mitchell Thursday for my last appointment with her and Dr. G again Monday. I am feeling really good except I keep getting these massive headaches and I mean they are brutal. I have had a really bad cold for the past week and that is making the headaches worse. I called today and Dr. Mitchell decreased the hormones I am on. I tried to get her to take me off them but she wouldn't. With the triplets I stopped everything at 10 weeks but she said no so I will have to talk with her Thursday and see what the deal is. I am certain my headaches are from the added estrogen that I am on right now. If I didn't have the headaches I would be feeling pretty good. It is amazing how different I feel at this point than I did at 10 weeks with the triplets - this is a whole different ball game, one I am welcoming with open arms!! Anyways, I wanted to let you all know that everything is going well. Another good appointment, that is all we can do, take it one appointment at a time!


Kim said...

I'm so happy that your pregnancy is going well, Katie. Give Katelyn a little hug and kiss for me...she's so precious! She will get the hang of potty training when she's ready so don't stress. I can't wait to see her soon. :)

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear everything is still going really well with this pregnany!

I love the pool pictures of Katelyn, she is too cute! Ansley ofcourse is doing what Katelyn did last summer, just walking around the outside of the pool. Hopefully she will enjoy it by the end of the summer.

Take care of yourself, and don't worry about the potty training, she will definitely tell you when she is ready.

Bethany said...

So good to hear that everything is going well. I think I know who you're talking about when you say Dr. G...and she is wonderful. One of my favorites in the practice. Hopefully the headaches will subside and the pregnancy will continue along its blessed path!

Don't worry about the potty training. You'll know when she's ready. That time period was one of my favorites to blog about, and seeing pics of Katelyn with all of those reward stickers reminds me of Olivia's experience. Precious!!

Take care, and we'll be praying for a safe surgery!

Tim said...

Glad to here everything is going well! I had killer headaches around 10 weeks during this 2nd pregnancy! Doctor ended up deciding that it was increased do to the fact that I was carrying a girl! Hormone central can we say?

Chris said...

Congrats on another good appt. I love the potty pics! She also looks like she had a blast at the pool. I hope the headaches start subsiding for you. You are in such great hands! I saw Dr. K today and got to chat with him. I like Dr. Stone but I loved Dr. K.
Can't wait to see more baby updates!

Nicole said...

This is all so amazing=) To read what all you have been through and to hear now that you have a little angel that will arrive in December, Katie that is incredible and I am so happy and excited for you. Please keep me posted=)

LC said...


Katelyn is getting SO big and is still so precious.

I wanted to tell you NOT to worry about the potty training thing. I never really pushed it with Lily and waited until she was 3 years old (I know that sounds old...) BUT because I waited until she was absolutely ready- it took us one time of "Lily, lets wear panties today and don't go potty in them" and she was done w/ diapers forever!

Just don't worry, because she will let you know when she is ready!!

So you haven't said- do you feel boy or girl?