Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another good week

I am having a great summer so far! I love, love, love the days I have had with Katelyn. In all honesty I thought I was going to be dying with no school. However, I have loved sleeping in, not having a strict schedule and making whatever plans I feel like making for the day. Katelyn has loved going to the pool, playing with her friends and just hanging out. If only it would cool off a little bit here in Atlanta things would be a little more enjoyable. Katelyn is doing great, she stays up later these nights and has been sleeping till at least 8am most mornings, it's heaven! Katelyn's spirits have been so good and she is talking so much I feel like I have a little friend here with me. I have to admit I have been holding her a little more than I should lately but I thought I should get it out of my system before my surgery next week. I miss the way her little body fits so perfectly in my arms! I don't want her to get any bigger right now. I couldn't hold her for so many months last year that I am having a hard time not holding her again. Katelyn's 2nd birthday is coming up SO soon and I have been busy racking my brain with what to do for her birthday party, I am torn between a family party or just her friends, it's hard with such a big family but a good problem to have!

On the baby front...the end of the first trimester has arrived and I had a great appointment today! I had my NT scan and received the results from the blood work, everything looked great. There is a 1 in 10,000 chance that the baby would have something wrong chromosomally - I will take that for odds. The ultra sound was so much fun today, the baby looked so big and was moving all over the place, it reminded me of every ultra sound we had with Katelyn, she was always all over the place. The heart beat was 160, the same as my girls always ran. I looked at the baby and wondered how I was going to make it till December not knowing if it was a boy or a girl but we can make it, we have decided for sure not to find out this time. Logically I think it must be a little girl in there since we have had so many girls but maybe, just maybe there is a little boy - we would be ecstatic either way, time will tell! I had the pre-op for my surgery as well today and I don't feel as scared today as I have the past few weeks. Dr. K said he would decide when he gets in there Tuesday morning which type of cerclage to do, it depends on the cervix that day and how much is there. He reassured me they will keep me comfortable and that I won't feel anything at all. I will be really really happy when it is over with. I have help with Katelyn all week so I can take the week to be off my feet, he did tell me that was really important as you can have a lot of cramping, spotting and sometimes contractions - Lord help me if I contract I may have a heart attack. It will all be good, I think the world of Dr. K, it is funny how he feels like the lifeline to my baby and to the safe arrival of our baby - I know he isn't but it is like I feel like he has all the power to get the baby here safely. I pray in some ways that he does...

All in all things are going really well. We had a great week-end last week-end with a friends engagement party and a baby shower for my friend Karley whose baby girl is due July 30th (2 years later from Kate's due date). I am hoping for the 19th (Kate's actual birthday)! This week-end we have a low key week-end with a fun cookout Saturday night with Kate's playgroup friends (and parents). I am going to thoroughly enjoy the next 5 days before I have to lay low for awhile!

I am going to try and scan the ultra sound pictures so I can post them and I have some belly shots for you all, might as well get back into the belly pics, I love watching my belly grow with a baby - it is so amazing and brings back such joyful memories from the girlies.



Chris said...

Glad you are having such a good summer and things are good. I'll be praying for you next week that everything goes as planned. You are in GREAT hands with Dr. K! Can't wait to see the u/s pics!

Tim said...

I am so happy to hear you so upbeat! Your words just put so many happy thoughts in my heart and I am rejoicing with your happiness! I can't wait to see picture of the baby and your belly! You are in my prayers for a safe surgery. Sounds like your Dr. is wonderful! I totally understand the lifeline connection as well. With my issues with both my pregnancies -- my Dr. made me feel at peace even if I was bleeding, he would find someway to keep me positive and looking on the brightside! Hey it worked for me! :)


Jennifer said...

I am so glad your pregnancy is going so well, and I truely believe it is going to continue down that path....Sounds like you and Katelyn are having a great summer playing together and just hanging out with friends. It is so fun when they can really understand what we are saying and have conversations with us :) I hope you have a great rest of the week and I will be thinking of you next week when you have your surgery.

Katie said...

Yeah! End of the first trimester-I am so happy for you:) Katelyn is so precious as always. I love reading your blog! I will be thinking of you during the surgery.
Love, Katie T.

The Partins said...

There is nothing sweeter than snuggling with your little girl. I can't wait to see your pictures! Maybe we can meet up one day somewhere in the middle... I would love to see Kate and would love for ya'll to meet Jamie.
Have a great weekend!

Gramma said...


This is to let you know I am
following your entries. I am so excited that God is saying "yes"
to our prayers. You are indeed surrounded by the white light and
divine Love is flowing in and through you.

One of these days you will be getting
a call. I love how you have time for
Katelyn! God is good.

Unlike you, your Gramma isn't fluid
with the written words. . .I do have
an abundance of love and send you
my love energy/prayers with each
thought of you!

Have a great week end and a very
Happy Fathers Day to you, Jeff!

Loving you and sending oodles of hugs!