Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach pictures and 2 year old check up!

First of all here are some pictures from our beach trip to Amelia Island last week. Katelyn had so much fun with her cousins, Grandpa and Grandma Nancy and loved being on the go constantly! We had an awesome 10 days and only wish daddy could have stayed the whole week!

Jenna and Katelyn

Playing in the sand with daddy

On the beach with mommy

A family picture!

Like I said, we had an awesome week at the beach. Jeff was able to stay for four days and then had to come back for school. Everyone was so much help that I was able to stay with Katelyn the rest of the week. I am on afternoon bed rest so I laid down every afternoon with Katelyn. I had a ton of help and Katelyn had an absolute blast with everyone!
Today we had Katelyn's 2 year old check up. She was 28lbs (60th %) and 36 inches (97%) and everything looked pretty good. She didn't pass her vision tests so we have to go to an eye doctor next week to have her eyes checked, the test picked up a lazy eye (we have NEVER noticed this) so I am hoping it was just a mistake. I will take her next week to have this looked over. She also has had a horrible rash for months and we all thought it was eczema but he thought I should switch Kate back to soy milk to see if it helps things clear up. Katelyn was on soy for the first year of her life and never had this rash so I am hoping the soy milk will help relieve some of the horrible rash. All in all it was a good appointment. I am choosing not to stress about the eye thing because is could be nothing, why worry already. If it is something there are many things they can do before a possibly surgery to fix it...I just don't buy it, I still can't see it at all.
Anyways, I am due for a big update on me and the baby but go to Dr. Korotkin tomorrow so I will give a full update tomorrow. I am off to lay down and rest for the night.


MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures ... so glad you all had fun at the beach!

Praying for a good Dr tomorrow and lazy eye to be a mistake!

Chris said...

Oh yeah, keep us posted on her eye appt. Momma knows best, I bet you're right!
Love the pics and the family pic is really good. You look great by the way. Glad you are resting. Good luck with Dr. K tomorrow.

MattandErin said...

Great beach pictures... And I am glad that you were still able to rest! I hope the doc was wrong too - I have a lazy eye and have NEVER noticed one on Kate. I didn't have to have surgery on it, so I am sure everything will be FINE! See you tomorrow morning! Erin

Kim said...

I love the pictures from Amelia. It seems like yesterday when I came along with your family! :) Remember Trinity?! HA HA! Try not to stress about Katelyn. I'm sure everything is fine. Keep me posted on your appt. Can't wait to see you in less than a month!