Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Katelyn!!!

It is hard to believe 2 years ago today we welcomed our little miracle baby into the world!

Look how much I have grown in two amazing years!
Today more than ever we thank God for my sister Tammie who showed the ultimate love for our family bringing Katelyn into this world! We are blessed beyond words by the love and bond we have with Aunt Tammie (Aunt Mammie according to Katelyn).

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet girl!


Matt&Erin said...

(To Kate from Wesley)

Hap-pay you you
Hap-pay you you
Hap-pay Tate
Hap-pay you you



Kelly & Brent said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn!!! Hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday. You are such a big girl and I know you can't wait to meet your little sister or brother in a couple of months :)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! I remember that picture from her birth announcement, she has grown up so fast!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday, Katelyn!!! Hope your day was wonderful!!!!

MBKimmy said...

Happy Birth Day to Katelyn!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! Have a great vacation!!! You have lots of wonderful things to celebrate!!!

lisakanesanders said...

Dear Kate,
(this goes for you too Wesley, Jack, and Ben)
Stop growing up! I swear it was last week when you born and now you are TWO!! Where does the time go?!? You have to remain the baby of the group until at least next week when Ella Grace gets here.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to see you soon!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! Hope you had a great day. I know you are such a special little (well big) girl to your parents. You are going to be the best big sister every!

Happy 2nd Birthday:)

The Partins said...

What a great day that was! :-)

Happy Birthday Katelyn!!!