Friday, August 29, 2008

Almost to 24 weeks...technically viability for the baby

We have almost reached another milestone in my list of milestones...Monday I will officially be 24 weeks which is the magic number of weeks I have so desperately wanted to be from day 1. Technically the baby is viable at 24 weeks and had I been 24 weeks with the triplets the doctors would have tried to save the girls...I still do not want a 24 week baby, this little one needs to hang in there for many more weeks. Of course now 24 weeks is not enough to make me feel any better and I want to be 28 weeks. I guess technically each week from here on out should be a milestone for us and it will be. Overall I am feeling pretty good, I have had a pretty big growth spurt over the past few weeks and as a result my contractions have really picked up. The past few weeks they were so sporadic and random but this past week they have been much more frequent. Braxton hicks are usually pretty painless and are more uncomfortable than anything but because of my cerclage they actually really hurt me. The tightness pushes on my stitches causing some pretty intense pain around my cervix, luckily it is brief. Needless to say, I was very anxious to go to the doctor today, I saw Dr. Korotkin. My cervix looked good still staying around 3.7 and the baby looked good so those are great things! Dr. K decided to put me on 48 hours of Indomethacin, a strong medicine to hopefully calm my uterus and stop the contractions. I am going to start that and see if that helps the contractions slow down. My hope is that this will help and I won't have to already be on medicine for the contractions, the longer I can go without it the better in my opinion. I did not take this medicine with the triplets, I took three other kinds of these type drugs so I am not sure what to expect from this. The other meds I took made me feel like I was going into cardiac arrest so I am hoping this isn't as bad. All in all, I am happy that things are still going as well as they are, I expected to be completely in bed by this time and I really have been living my life for the most part. I feel like I am so lucky to be this far along and still up and about, God is taking care of us and for that I am so thankful. I know I need to take it down a notch as far as my running around but it is so hard. Now that Kate is settled in school I will really try and slow down. It will be good to have Jeff home for a long week-end too. My mother in law and mother are both taking separate trips that coincide with each other so I will be out of help from them for the next three weeks, well mid to late September. My father will come down from Minnesota one of those weeks to help me out but other than that I will be relying on siblings and friends as much as possible, it will be nice when the moms are home to help again:)! All in all, it is all good things...I have incredible medical care and feel so confident in Dr. K, he even told me today that he is so proud of me and how calm I have remained over the past few weeks, little does he know how much I stress quietly at home:)! I have made the decision to remain calm, relax, take the meds and see what happens but if anything changes I have no shame in showing up at the hospital to be checked out, I will not chance anything at this point.
Thanks for every one's continued thoughts and prayers...I also see many of you think I am having a boy...interesting!


lisakanesanders said...

Yeah for a great appointment! Hoepfully the medicine will get rid of your contractions. Have a fun long weekend with Jeff!

MBKimmy said...

This is awesome news ... I will keep praying for you!!!!