Monday, September 1, 2008

24 Weeks - September 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 weeks and September 1st - the two things I have wanted to come since the day I learned I was pregnant again! 24 weeks means so much to me, it is the magic number I SO desperately wanted the triplets to be, it is technically the time when the baby can survive outside the womb, it is the time to pass that I feel the doctors will suddenly fight so much harder for your baby/babies, it is the milestone I have prayed the hardest for from day 1. Now we are here and I can't believe it, I am overwhelmed with emotions as if I have just learned I am pregnant again. I am excited in a new way over this pregnancy and I am suddenly thinking we can really make it now! I had a great week-end, the medicine Dr. K put me on gave me a huge relief from the contractions and Saturday I only had three all day. Yesterday I think I had 4 but they hardly phased me. I was nervous today the contractions would come back with a vengeance and they have not!! Nothing stopped or even hardly slowed my contractions with the triplets so it was so nice to actually have the medicine work like it was supposed to. I will be anxious to see how things go as the weeks progress now.
As you can see I have really grown since 20 weeks, I feel like I have grown every minute over the past four weeks! The combination of the 2nd trimester hunger kick and the fact I cannot do any physical activity is catching up to me...oh well! I was so tired and it was the end of the day when we took this picture but you can really see how much I have grown.

I have some great pictures of Kate and stuff to update but I am too tired, I just had to post on my BIGGEST milestone yet! Now I want the next four weeks to fly, my next milestone is 28 weeks! I know we will make it this time, God is so amazing!


Kelly and Brent said...

YEAH!!!! I am so happy for you Katie. I know it is such a huge relief to make it this far. Now we will just count down until your next big milestone. :)

Kim said...

SOOOOOOO happy for you guys! Can't wait to see the new pics of Kate. BTW, you look great!

MBKimmy said...

So so happy for you ... I will continue to send prayers your way!

PS you look great!

Chris said...

Wonderful NEws! You look awesome! Amazing how fast your pregnancy has flown for me the last month...ha! Thanks for all your comments on my care page! I'm going home soon and will be catching up with everyone!