Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today we had baby Luke's baptism, Luke is my nephew and my Godson! It was a special day and we got some great pictures that I thought I would share. Here is a family picture, Katelyn refused to take her finger out of her mouth!

Here are Meme and Papa's grand kids, would you believe there are 11 and number 12 on the way?! The cousins have so much fun together. The oldest are 8 and the youngest is 2 and a half weeks old. Needless to say things are always crazy when we have family get togethers.

And the man of the hour/day, Luke Michael, isn't he precious with all that dark hair? My brother, Joey is one proud daddy! He and Kristy are such great parents and it was a perfect day today.

Now I am back home and on the couch where I will be spending a lot of time for the next few weeks or maybe months but it is all worth it. I did end up going to Dr. G Thursday, it was really pointless and nothing too informative besides the reminder that I am supposed to be on bed rest for several hours in the morning as well as the afternoons. Katelyn and I are actually going to be staying at my moms house for the next few weeks till preschool starts. We are home now and will be home on the week-ends when Jeff is home but majority of the week we will be laying low at my moms. It is so wonderful that we have that option and don't have to look for outside help. My parents are great help and Jeff's mom will take Katelyn for a day or two here and there, we are very lucky. I do find it better for me to be with Katelyn as opposed to sending her somewhere, it entertains me and makes me feel more a part of what she is doing. I am feeling pretty good, my cerclage has really been botherting me as I can really feel it depending on the baby's position, it must be on a nerve. I am still having those annoying braxton hicks and some pretty strong ones at that with some back cramps but I think it was a combination of being checked twice this week and maybe overdoing it...hence the moving in with my mom. I am SO excited to see Dr. Korotkin Tuesday and discuss everything with him. As I have said before he feels like a complete lifeline to the baby and I need him back in town:)! I cancelled a few appointments with Dr. G and will go back to her at 23 weeks, I decided to focus on Dr. K's care since he is running the show right now and is much more thorough. Week 20 to week 21 felt like a really long week so I hope the next several weeks move a little faster.

I appreciate all your prayers and encouragement as Jeff and I get through this exciting, scary and trying time. We feel so much love and support and it means a lot to all of us!

I am sure I will be blogging a lot to entertain myself the next few weeks.


Jennifer said...

What great pictures and all those children, WOW! Get togethers must be so much fun especially for the kids :)

Well I am glad you are going to be staying at your mom's house so you can get some rest and still be close to Katelyn.

Hope these next couple of weeks go by fast for you!

Always thinking of you.

Bethany said...

What wonderful photos. And a beautiful family. Have fun at Mom's house...sometimes that's just what a girl needs!!!!

Amanda said...

You look great! Take it easy and don't overdo it. I anticipate great news from your appt. on Tuesday. Know you are constantly in my thoughts/prayers!