Friday, September 26, 2008

"You ARE bringing home a baby this time" - Dr. K

Those were Dr., K's exact words to us this morning and I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, cry, scream or all of the above - it was overwhelming. For someone who wouldn't even let me ask questions about the end of this pregnancy or delivery, this was a HUGE development! Jeff is off work today and was able to go to the doctor with me, I was very happy about this. The past two days I have had so many annoying braxton hicks and they never settle with me. However, we could NOT have had a better appointment today!! My cervix increased and measured 3.8 today from 3.5 last week, which means as annoying and as many contractions as I feel all day long they are doing NOTHING to my cervix and that is ALL that matters at this point in the game. Dr. K said I could double the meds I am on for the contractions so I am going to do that gradually and it should really help! Since I am now past 27 weeks they do a very thorough scan of the baby at every visit now. This scan includes all the measurements as well as a bio physio scan (a doppler measurement) to check the umbilical cord flow, the blood flow, the heart, the fluid - basically everything that they can check. The baby looked completely perfect! The baby is still measuring big, actually 12 days ahead now and is a whopping 2lbs 11oz - YEAH! You wouldn't believe that we both sat there and looked away during half the ultra sound so we still don't know the gender. However today I had to have my nurse write it in an envelope and seal it so I could mail it to the lady who is making the bedding. I did come prepared and had the envelope addressed and stamped so the nurse wrote it in there, sealed it and told me where the mailbox was (thankfully in the parking lot). That took some serious will power, in the elevator I asked Jeff one more time if we should open it up:)! For any of you who may get pregnant again and don't want to find out the gender, I am using this amazing place called Polka tot Designs ( a wonderful lady there is helping me and I have picked out the fabrics for both a boy and a girl crib set. She will get my envelope early next week and will make one of the bedding sets but not tell me which one she is making. I will have it shipped in an unmarked box to a friend to hold till the baby is born. She is really 6 weeks out so it shouldn't be here too long before we can set it all up! I love what I have picked out and the colors are similar enough that we can get everything done and just add the bedding when the baby arrives. Jeff and Papa Steve are hanging the bboard as we speak and the top of the room is painted a mocha brown, so far I love it. It will either be brown, pink and a green color or brown, aqua and green - they are both adorable! I will post pictures of the progress soon.

I am a mile a minute on here right now...I am so completely overwhelmed with excitement and joy over this baby that I finally really do believe is going to come home with us! 28 weeks brings the baby to an 80% chance of being born with no long term health problems and every week past this brings that % higher and higher. I am in complete and utter shock that I am not completely in bed or in the hospital for that matter as I envisioned when I first found out we were pregnant. Yes, maybe I am not walking everyday and running 90 miles an hour like I normally do but I can hardly complain. Honestly it has really made me see how nice life can be at a slower pace, it has given me so much time with Kate, playing on the floor, reading, doing puzzles and just being together. I have prayed so much and felt so sad throughout this time that I wasn't giving Katelyn enough of me because I couldn't hold her as much but God has shown me how much more I am actually giving her than I think. We rock every night, we spend so much quality time together (not running around) that I actually think she has gotten more of her mommy in many ways. Life is not a race and I have been forced to slow down and take each moment as it comes. I can't wait to start all over with this next baby and do it all again! Especially now that I know how precious each moment we are given with our children truly is a complete gift that God gives us and we have to stay focused not to miss it all. I still treasure and thank God for the short moments I had with Kelsey, Emma and Lauren. I still talk to my girls and tell them how much we love them and I know someday they will all be in my arms again. My sweet girls...

How amazing are all of you who have taken on this journey with me. Jeff and I are constantly humbled by the many people who are praying for this baby and for our family. I also hope that some people who are reading my blog will somehow be healed and find comfort and strength. Yes, I am at a very happy and exciting time right now in my life but Lord knows we went to the lowest point possible in order to get is by constant faith in God's plan that we have survived and stayed as strong as we have. I pray for all of you out there that God is working in your lives and will show how amazing His love truly is.

Another incredible week and milestone passed - the happy ending is finally in sight!



Brooks said...

I am increasingly amazed by you Katie! I am so unbelievably happy for you and Jeff! What wonderful news! Your baby is already bigger than Augie and is thriving! What an amazing blessing! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and we will continue to pray for you and your family everyday! :) Love, Brooks, Tony and Augie

MattandErin said...

What a wonderful day! I am so happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet your little blessing. :) Erin

Chris said...

Dr. K is awesome! I'm so glad you are starting to relax and enjoy the last stages of the pregnancy. I'm anxious to have both of my girls home full time again. I'm hoping to have that all in place soon.
You remind me that I have to be strong and it will all work out!!!
Thanks Katie!

Amanda said...

I had chills and tears reading your blog this morning. My heart overflows for you! I am SO excited! I cant' wait to see your precious gift! :) Babies truly are gifts sent to us and made with care by God! All my love!

MBKimmy said...

As my daughter and I said her prayers tonight, I knew I was going to come here and see good things, I just knew it!
praise God -