Monday, September 29, 2008


Here are some new pictures of Katelyn, it has been too long since I have uploaded new pictures.
'Hollywood' loves to wear her sunglasses everywhere!

Watching the UGA game with Haley! The cousins are 8 weeks apart and Beth (Jeff's sister) is now 11 weeks behind me so our next babies will be just about this close in age, it is so much fun!!

Playing outside

So there are some new pictures of Kate, she is getting so big and is blowing us away with her vocabulary...I love this age, every moment is so priceless!


Kelly and Brent said...

loving the new pics of Katelyn! This age is a lot of fun...Maddie says words that we didn't even know she knew. enjoy all this time with Katelyn because it won't be too much longer before you have another one around. :)

Kim said...

Tell 'Hollywood' that she's a doll and looks great in her sunglasses! :) Can't wait to see her (and you!) in a couple of months!

MBKimmy said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Treasure every single moment! They grow SO fast! :) Davis' word lately is dispicable (spelling???) I have NO idea where he got it from, but when he toots -- he says "that's dispicable!" It cracks me up -- and no he doesn't watch donald duck or Tom and Jerry -- go figure! :)