Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No more OB appointments!!!

It is hard for me to believe it but this morning was my very last OB appointment with Dr. G!! Jeff ended up having the day off so it was really nice that we were both able to go. I have been feeling pretty good but as of yesterday I have been having some pretty intense pain and pressure in my cerclage area. Dr. G checked things out and said the baby's head has descended and is right there sitting on my cerclage - that would explain it. As awful as it sounds, I feel like he/she is going to rip right through the stitches. I know that won't happen as that is the point of these stitches. I am contracting a lot, pretty much every 10 - 12 minutes but they aren't changing in intensity and they aren't increasing so I am just to watch them over the next few days. Dr. G said there is really no point in me taking the terbutaline anymore, it will not stop labor at this point, I have been really nausea and we decided I should stop it unless it made me feel some relief from these annoying contractions. I asked her what to watch for and she just said either my water breaking or the contractions increasing in intensity and not slowing down. As my contractions have picked up, I do remember the pain that came with them during my labor with the triplets so I am assuming I will know when it is the real thing. I hope to make it till Tuesday and I really think I will now! Everything is all set up and Jeff and I are to check in after lunch on Tuesday. There is no way of knowing how fast everything will go but the good news is that if I don't make it till Wednesday when Dr. G comes on, I do love the doctor and midwife that are there on Tuesday. Sometimes when they remove your cerclage your water can break right away, you can immediately dilate all the way, or nothing can change. I will be checked right after the cerclage is removed and again in the evening to determine the plan for the evening/induction. I am so excited but I have to admit it feels like an out of body experience, I cannot believe we are here, I cannot believe it is OK if I go into labor now, I cannot believe we made it and that I am going to experience delivering a child who is full term, living and coming home with us!! Words cannot express what I feel. Jeff and I are simply giddy with excitement now! As I know I have said over and over again, what a difference a year can make...I am in awe of the last year and how much our life has changed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and this year I am overwhelmed with things that I am thankful for, I need to list some of them so I will remember them forever:

My amazing husband and best friend
My beautiful daughter, Katelyn
My incredible sister who sacrificed so much to get Katelyn in our arms
My amazing family - all my parents, siblings, in laws, etc. their support has been so above and beyond from day one of this journey.
All my nieces and nephews who fill my heart and make life so much sweeter
My mother who is my very best friend in the world, she has put up with me and survived each trial i/we have faced. As a mother, I now appreciate what she has been through with me on a different level.
This pregnancy and the baby who is growing so strong inside of me, I can't wait to hold you baby!
My friends who have dealt with me through all of this and been there every step of the way
My blogger friends and all the people who have prayed for us over the past year

There is so much more but those are the ones on my mind today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I will keep you all posted on the next few days...within a week from today I will be holding my little angel - Thank you God!!



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MattandErin said...

I have goosebumps! I can't wait for Tuesday/Wednesday. Stay in there, LIttle Gordon! :) Erin

The Partins said...

I am so excited for you! Yay for no more doc visits, no more meds, and no more long term waiting! Just a few more days and Baby G will be here - YAY!!!!

So has the bedding arrived? It has got to be SOOO hard not opening it and seeing blue or pink. haha. I guess if you've made it this far, what is a few more days, right? It's like trying so hard not to snoop in your parents closet before Christmas. :-)

Good luck and God Bless as the beginning of your new life is about to begin!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are in the home-strech now. It is just so amazing and I feel like we have been able to be with you on this journey, thank you for keeping us updated on everything and letting us into your life :)

Congrats Katie, not much longer and you will have your precious baby girl/boy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family...

Chris said...

Good Luck! I'll be thinking of you next week. You have got to be beside yourself with excitement now! I'm praying that baby G gives you an easy time and comes Tuesday or Wednesday as SCHEDULED!