Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just the three of us...

We have had such an awesome week-end spending so much quality time together. Katelyn had a date with mommy and daddy on Saturday. We headed to the mall for Build A Bear, lunch and a carousal ride. We all had the best time but watching Katelyn's excitement was priceless! We have never done Build A Bear with her and I had no idea what it would be like, she thought it was amazing. She picked out a kitty for herself and a brown bear for the baby, she was so proud to make a bear for the baby!
Here she is all ready to go, I love this picture!

Mommy, Daddy and Kate getting the bear stuffed!

Daddy and Kate giving the bear and kitty a bath!

Making their birth certificates, very serious business...

After lunch at Chick fil A Jeff took Kate on the carousal, she absolutely thought it was the greatest thing and was yelling to me all the way around! Thank goodness she got on the lion because she saw it the minute we walked up. I do think daddy had just as much fun!

After our awesome day yesterday we have been getting projects done around the house. I do believe my nesting has rubbed off on Jeff and he is rocking on my 'honey do' list. For a good laugh for all of you, this morning at 7:15am I was in the garage, in my pj's with a doughnut, cleaning the garage out. Jeff came stumbling down and was like "what are you doing"'s like I can't stop, I went out to feed the dogs and just decided to start cleaning out there. I feel great, I am thankful for the medicine working because I love to not sit around and contract right now, I am not ready and feel confident with the medicine I will make it till the 2nd at least. I am so amazed that we are 36 weeks!!
Here is my 36 week belly shot!


The Partins said...

I laughed out loud when I read about you in the garage. Yep, nesting has you BAD! :-)

Glad you all had a fun Saturday. Kate looks like she had a blast and that picture of her is SOOOO cute! You should submit that to a magazine or something.

I LOVE your maternity clothes. You always look so darn cute! If I get pregnant again, I am going to beg to raid your clothes!

Congrats on 36 weeks! YAY!!!

Kim said...

What I would give to see you in your garage at 7:15 this morning!! :) HA HA! You look so great, friend!!

MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures, love the nesting ... get a hold of yourself - hahahah

Good luck in the days/week to come! I look forward to the updates!

Chris said...

You look awesome. All of those pics are GREAT!! CONGRATS on 36 weeks!!! I'm so happy for you all!