Friday, October 16, 2009


Well is has been a busy but good couple of weeks, Blake man got his tubes and literally came out of surgery a new baby! He started babbling all the time, saying mama and cruising on furniture - I think he got his full hearing and balance back immediately! The surgery wasn't bad, the worst part was putting him through a breathing treatment before it and then watching him come out and try and wake up. I literally ripped him out of the nurses arms because I couldn't stand seeing his body that way, no head or body control. He cried awhile but settled down pretty soon after he started eating a bottle. I am glad it is behind us! I am still training for the half marathon, I didn't give up as I have wanted to, I actually paid my online registration and bought the most expensive pair of running shoes I have ever bought - there is officially NO turning back now! I love my long week-end runs, Tammie, Kristie and I (my two sisters) meet at the Y and do a long run on the new greenway by us. Last week-end we ran 8.2 and then went to Starbucks for our favorite Pumpkin Spice Lattes - I hate getting up early and going but I love the time together, even if I am ALWAYS a quarter mile behind them watching them do circles around me:)! They have been running a lot longer so I don't feel bad. Mid summer I couldn't even run three miles with Kristie at the beach so I have come a long way.
This tends to be an emotional time of year for me as we near the second birthday/loss of my sweet Emma, Kelsey and Lauren. Last year at this time I was SO scared and this year I am so overwhelmed with my blessings and the amazing ways in which God had it all planned out for us...Tomorrow we head to the pumpkin patch and I am SO excited about this little venture...for those of you who have read my blog - the pumpkin patch last year was the day I ended up in the labor and delivery with preterm labor...I believe a hayride at 31 weeks with high risk pregnancy is not a good idea. I remember being SO scared that night and the days that followed and all I could think was God please let me have a healthy baby to take to the pumpkin patch with me next year, I begged Him and I can't wait to hold my sweet baby Blake with his sissy while we enjoy a hayride tomorrow! God is SO good! I am so incredibly attached to my babies and could just melt every time one of them is in my arms...

SO...this coming week is causing me a lot of excitement and mommy anxiety as Jeff and I are heading to Mexico with three other couples (The Marsh's, Rivenbarks and Harrison's) for a long over due adults only vacation! I am so excited but really anxious about leaving my babies behind! We planned this trip over a year ago, while I was still early pregnant with Blake. We had to make sure nobody was pregnant, nursing or had too young of babies to leave behind:)! All three of these couples went to college with us and lived on the same street in our first houses/neighborhood. We are going to a new all inclusive resort in Cancun and I am SO excited! I keep telling myself that Jeff and I need this and we are better parents when we reconnect and have some adult time...I will be fine when I get there, it is the leaving that is always so hard.

Anyways, lots of fun stuff! I will definitely post pictures tomorrow after the pumpkin patch adventures!



Kelly and Brent said...

Sounds like you are doing well really well and keeping very busy! I am so happy that you are going to get to enjoy the pumpkin patch with your sweet little ones - what a special moment it will be! Can't wait to see pictures.

And as for your trip, I think the worse part of leave your kiddos is getting everything ready and making sure they are all squared away with loved ones. You will have such an amazing time on your trip. You and Jeff deserve this time together!

KatePetronis said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

katie said...

Kate have such a wonderful time in Mexico!!! I am in awe of your 8 mile run. That is awesome and great you get to spend time with your sisters: