Monday, September 28, 2009

A long month...

September has been a really long month for us! It literally started out with two sick kids and here we are at the end of September and we aren't much better off...Blake started the month with a double ear infection (his 5th since May) and he still hasn't gotten rid of it, he is on his 28th day of antibiotics and we go for his surgery on Wednesday morning to get tubes put in. I have been so sad for him because he has been really miserable. I am dreading Wednesday, no matter how routine the procedure, no parent wants to see their baby put to sleep! I do know how much better he will feel as soon as it is over with so that part I am ready for, Blake has been on an antibiotic every month since May and they have never seen his ears clear! We did have his hearing checked and he seems to be at the normal range, I was really worried as my sister has partial hearing loss from her ears as a child. Kate started the month out not feeling well and ended up having this horrendous strep throat that she could NOT get over. We went to the doctor three different times for Kate and spent two different days in the doctors office doing breathing treatments, x-rays and blood work thinking maybe it was something else but it appeared to just be a really bad strep throat. She did three different antibiotics and finally got over it, it was really sad, she was so down and out! All of this and of course I was going to get on my 30th birthday I spent the evening at the urgent care and ended up doing two rounds of antibiotics myself for strep - I was beginning to think we were all just going to pass these sicknesses back and forth until finally last week everyone seemed to be feeling better! Blake is actually doing a lot better today, he has been on breathing treatments three times a day leading up to his surgery and he seems so much happier, he was wheezing really bad last week so the breathing treatments should get him ready for Wednesday, they will cancel if he is wheezing at all! I also took Blake to his 9 month check up in the midst of all of this, we actually went last week (he was almost 10 months) but he was 20lbs 4 oz (50%), 29.5 inches (90%) and his head was off the charts:)! He was perfect (besides his ears and allergies)! He is crawling everywhere, only loves people food and is as rotten as they come - loves to be held! I can't believe he will be 10 months this week-end.
So...besides our sicknesses, we continue to be very busy around here! Jeff has been traveling some, work for me has been busy but good! Kate likes school, the few days she has been and Blake loves the lady who watches him while I work! We have also done some huge home renovations around here, we ripped up our entire main floor (except the kitchen tile) and put in new hardwoods, I love them, they are a distressed wide plank wood and they completely change the way our house looks! We got a new couch, new bedroom furniture and are looking for a new entertainment has been really fun, somewhat like moving to a new house!! I will post some pictures when I get a chance. The bedroom furniture was a complete shock to me, Jeff completely surprised me with the set we had looked at months ago - he had it delivered and all set up on my birthday and I was so shocked, I love it!!

One last thing...if I post it, admit it and tell the world then I can't back out - Jeff and I are training for the Thanksgiving day half marathon and I so want to quit right now because I feel so exhausted...but we are going to do it! I have 9 weeks to go and a lot of running to do, wish us luck!!

I will post some pictures soon! Please pray for Blake man on Wednesday and for my kids to stay healthy for awhile!



Jennifer said...

Katie, I am so sorry it has been such a tough month for you and the kids!!! I will definitely be praying for Blake, that he is well enough to have his surgery and will finally be healthy again :)

Thinking of you guys lots!

P.S. Good for you for running the 1/2 marathon. I know it can be miserable but what an accomplishment it will be when you have crossed the finish line!

Kelly and Brent said...

Oh Katie I am so sorry your family has been so sick. And what a bummer that you got sick on your 30th. Hopefully you were able to celebrate it once you were feeling better. Hopefully as I write this Blake has had his surgery and will be better before you know it. Ear infections are the girls both have a lot of ear infection (actually not so many just have to have two rounds of antibiotics to kill the infection EVERY time). I hate it because I feel like they are on medicine for nearly a whole month.

Good luck with the 1/2 marathon. It seems like a lot of people are running marathons. I SO wish I liked running so I could do something like this. You will feel so good was its over and what an accomplishment. Hope the rest of your training goes well.

Can't wait to see pics of the kids :)

katie said...

Kate-I am praying that sickness leaves you guys alone for awhile! I hope the tubes are already helping in little Blake's ears. I am so sorry you spent your bday in urgent care. However, I am so impressed with Jeff ordering and setting up the bedroom set. I bet it looks awesome as well as your house renovations! Can't wait to see you guys next week:)