Thursday, November 19, 2009

It was...a perfect day!

It is hard to believe that my title of the post of my girls 2nd birthday could say, it was the perfect day...but it truly was. The anxiety of the day, the same as last year, was the worst by far. But the week started out beautifully when in my staff meeting I was surrounded by prayer and love to survive the week. When Friday rolled around, I was sure I would be miserable all day, that the pain would surpass everything else. Instead I woke up Friday morning and did my furthest run of 10 miles with my sisters. I cried on my way to the greenway, it was a beautiful morning, the kind of morning that I ALWAYS look up and want to jump through the clear blue sky to see my babies, to just hold them one more time. I read some sweet emails and texts and felt surrounded by my friends and support system. I got a little crabby as the run was about to start but I just decided "here I go"...the 10 miles was the best, hardest and best run I had done to date. I stayed a little behind my sisters, actually ran most of it alone but I loved the time...I prayed, talked to my girls, prayed thanks for Katelyn and Blake, for Jeff, for God allowing my marriage to not only survive but thrive in the midst of the tragedy we faced. I prayed for my sisters while they ran ahead of me for the private and individual things I knew needed praying for. I praised God for where I was at that moment and asked Him to continue to love my babies as I know He will. When we finished our run (and I could barely walk), Tammie, Kristie and I hugged and Kristie said a beautiful prayer for me, Jeff, the babies and our amazing God. We got a coffee and went about our days...I cried most of the way back to my moms and couldn't get back to my kiddos fast enough. But somehow inside I was happy, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love...I pulled into my house from getting the kids and there were my girls - my sweet sweet friends who were waiting to plant flowers and be with me. We planted the flowers where we would see them when we pulled into the driveway and they gave us a beautiful stepping stone that we can put the girls names on. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon...they left and Jeff got home. We released the balloons, ate some cake balls and spent some time together as a family. That night we met our sweet friends out for dinner and drinks to celebrate Allison's big 3-0 - we decided we would just go on for the day and we did...we survived! I am glad it is over with but I am so thankful for the love that surrounded is a recap in pictures.

Maddie and Kate planting the flowers with Allison
Sweet little man hanging out
Kate ready to send the balloons to her sissy's!

All smiles as we sent our birthday wishes
Happy Birthday Emma, Kelsey and Lauren - we love you!

The crystal clear day allowed us to watch the balloons for SO long!


Jennifer said...

What a special day it was!!! I am so glad you have such wonderful friends close by to be there with you on a tough day to remember your precious little girls.

Always thinking of you!

MBKimmy said...

What a special day - you did well in the run and had great time with God! Been thinking about you and your strength.