Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to the other man in my life!!

One Year Later!

I still go into Blake's room almost every night and pick him out of the crib, I snuggle him close and rock him for what is never long enough...during that time I pray for him, thank God for him, for the loss/hole that he fills back up, for the gift of him after such a tremendous loss! The other night I went in there and thought "whoa he is not a tiny new baby anymore, he is ONE"...how is that possible? Blake is my sensitive little man, my gentle giant, my sweet sweet momma's boy, the little boy that I dreamed I was going to have since the day we started the surrogacy journey. Blake is polar opposite of his sissy at this age, she was in a hurry, independent, determined to do everything like a big girl...Blake just soaks up being taken care of, he is in no hurry to learn to walk, refuses to drink from a sippy cup, won't let me (or daddy) leave his sight, wants to be held, makes a huge mess when he eats, loves being dirty, hates the bath, doesn't like large crowds, is as sensitive as they come, etc. I love their differences and I love experiencing each child - what a blessing they are to me!

One year stats - 30 inches long (50%), 22lbs 13oz (50%), head continues to be off the charts:)!

We had a fun birthday party at my moms house, Blake didn't like the crowd and wouldn't let us put him down but it was a HUGE crowd and that is not my little man's personality at all! He still did a good job, loved his cake and when everyone left, loved his presents!! Here are some pictures...

The Birthday Boy

(he doesn't like the hat)

Blake's Smash Cake

The cake my friend Kate made - it tastes as amazing as it looks!


Too many people looking at me!

Happy Birthday Blake Kel!


Ashly said...

Happy Birthday Blake! You have no idea what you mean to your mommy and daddy! They are so in love with you and adore everything about you.

You are such a cutie and a sweetie! We love you!

Kelly and Brent said...

Wow, I can't believe it has been a year! The year flew by!!! I swear I think everything goes so much faster when there is more than one kid around.

It looks like the Birthday Boy enjoyed his cake. Those cakes looked great! Happy Birthday Blake!

Nana said...

Katie, he is so darn cute!

emilyosburne said...

That cake is amazing! Too cute.