Monday, December 28, 2009

I never understood it when people said they were completely overwhelmed and crazy during the holiday seasons, I never understood how they were so worn out, I never understood all the chaos...I never have had two children, a job, a house, animals, etc. to take care of on top of all the planning and shopping for Christmas! It was the most wonderful overwhelming season I have yet experienced! Katelyn was a blast, so into the magic of the entire season and so into the excitement - for brief moments I even believed in Santa again! We had an incredibly fun and busy month filled with holiday celebrations, visits to Santa, the Pink Pig, Santa parties, the school program, Christmas Eve brunch with my family, Christmas Eve at my moms, Christmas morning here and Christmas Day with Jeff's family! Now in two more days we will have Christmas with my dad and Nancy and I can't wait for round three! Unfortunately the week of Christmas both Blake and Kate got very sick with strep throat (thanks to sweet Kate who desperately needs her tonsils out)! Blake man was hit very hard with strep as it is very rare for babies to get strep, he threw up, had fevers of 103 + and was just miserable. Unfortunately and fortunately, Kate has had it so much she barely missed a beat. Kate is scheduled to get her tonsils out January 8th, when I went for the consultation at the end of October I wanted more reassurance we needed to do the surgery, since November 1st she has had three weeks total off an antibiotic - she is now on the strongest antibiotic she can be on that will hopefully get her to Jan.8th, we go tomorrow for her preop. Anyways, the illnesses didn't damper the season around here - we had a blast, Blake didn't feel better till Christmas Day but he still had a good time! The kids handled all the chaos well and they had so much fun! I am so thankful this season for all the blessings we have had - what an incredible year this has been for us! Here are some pictures of Christmas around here!
Blake finally opening his presents on Christmas Day!

Kate's reaction to her American Girl Doll that Nana Gave her - priceless!
(my favorite picture ever)

Christmas Morning by the tree!

Kate's make up table that Santa brought!

Visiting Santa

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Jennifer said...

Hey Katie!
So sorry to hear the kiddos were sick with strep over the holidays. I have heard of a lot of kids having strep lately. I hope they are feeling better now!

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. I love all the pictures!!!

Kelly and Brent said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I know what you mean not understanding the craziness of two kids during the holiday season until you actually experience it. December flew by and I felt like I couldn't get a minute to rest with my two crazy kids. I would trade it for a minute just wish I could step back and enjoy the moment a little more :)

Wishing you guys a wonderful and healthy new year!