Friday, March 19, 2010

Here I am...

If someone could get into my head and write my posts for me, I would probably blog once a least three times a week! With work, sick kids, life, running and being a wife, I can't find the time to sit and write like I want to. We have had a brutal winter with being sick and I am SO ready for the sun to shine and the germs to CLEAR the heck out! Blake is getting over bronchitis that turned into pneumonia and I am getting over a massive episode of hives and bronchitis myself right's been so bad my boss suggested maybe there was mold hidden in my house:)! I believe we are all on the road to recovery now though and I am crossing my fingers that the warmer weather is on it's way here to stay! Life has been busy, exceptionally busy lately...which doesn't help my strong hearts desire to SLOW it all down! Katelyn is getting so big, I love every minute of this age with her! She is learning so much, exploring her world, her Independence and is so smart! I feel like I have a little buddy around me all the time with her big girl questions and her hearts desire to learn so much about this big world! Kate is the best big sister to Blake and loves that he is starting to interact with her so much, I love watching the two of them and they still take my breath away when I watch them. Sometimes I look at them playing, sleeping or just exploring and I wonder how someone who has children can possibly not believe in God...only He could create something this AMAZING!
Blake is getting SO big, I want to freeze this age with him! He is almost 16 months old, he is walking everywhere, has the sweetest personality, is the biggest mama's boy and has me wrapped around his little finger. Kate did everything so early and so fast and Blake is the polar opposite, I love how much longer he is staying a baby and how slow he takes in the world around him. Blake weighs 22 lbs 15 oz and is 31 inches long, his head is actually on the chart now, just in the 98%...he has a lot of brains! I am so looking forward to the spring and summer with the kids, I think we are going to be outside as much as possible!
Work is going great for me, I have really gotten a good balance with working and being a mommy - something I couldn't balance without my amazing husband who really helps me to take care of everything around here! I love the work that I am in, I love the relationships that I am building and I love how each relationship is changing my life in ways that I never imagined. I am extremely blessed to have the job that I that allows me the freedom to be a working mom and have a truly incredible life balance! I am training for another half marathon...I think I already wrote about this but I encouraged a few of my college friends to run with me and they are doing amazing! We are running the Nashville half in April and I am getting really excited. Finding the time to run has been difficult in this nasty weather so hopefully it is going to warm up for the end of this training. My sisters are also running this half so it will be a FUN girls weekend in Nashville! I think I am officially addicted to running, I told Jeff it is my therapy, my escape and my alone time, tomorrow morning I am going to conquer 10 miles all on my own and I am excited about it!
Jeff is doing great too, he is busy with work and traveling some! I surprised him with a ski trip for his 30 birthday and he is so excited about that! I can't wait for him to have some guy time and to have the break from work and from's good for everyone! Jeff is having so much fun with the kids lately and he is the best daddy!
Here are some new pictures, this is the most important part...My girlfriend Ashly took these amazing pictures! I am going to update this blog more often, I PROMISE!

Our family!

My sweet Kate

My little man!

I will be back soon, promise!


Jennifer said...

What adorable pictures! The kids are growing up so fast!!! Glad to hear things are going well with you guys...definitely sounds busy but I think we are all in that stage right now with kids, etc. I am sorry to hear you guys have been so sick, hopefully you are all on the mend and the germs will stay away!

Donnetta said...

Good gravy! Blake REALLY is the spitting image of Jeff!

Congrats on your running, chicka!

Chris said...

Good to see you back! Blake is adorable! I can't beleive how big he is already! All the photos are nice!

MattandErin said...

Glad to see you back on here! Looking forward to the beach next week!