Monday, April 26, 2010

Nashville Weekend!

What a weekend we had...Before I get into my post here are Kristie and I finishing together...only because she didn't feel well otherwise she would have beat me by a few:)! I had to steal this picture from the marathon photo people so it isn't a good quality but the only proof I have that I did this and really finished. I was dying from how fast we ran so there wasn't even any cheering as I crossed, I was too intense!

We had an amazing weekend in Nashville this past weekend...after my last run I decided to see if any of my college girls would run another half with me and three of them committed - Lisa, Karley and Erin. It was a hard 10 weeks of training, I was so busy with work, life and the kids and truly I was getting tired of running so much! Two 1/2 marathons back to back were a little tough. I worked hard though, my goal was to be able to keep up with my sisters who were also running and who beat my last time by about 14 minutes...I trained at a faster pace and I was so determined to beat 2 hours, my last time was 2:07. The weekend was perfect, Friday we got up early enough that we weren't rushing around, we hit the expo, ate some Mexican, checked into the hotel, showered and carb loaded at Maggianos. Friday night none of us slept, we were anxious, nervous, excited, etc. We got up at 5am and geared up for the big run, luckily our hotel was in front of the starting line, it was perfect. The run was really tough, a lot of hills and just a little tougher then the Atlanta. I started strong with my sisters but fell back a little after mile 4...turns out we all pretty much finished together though. Around mile 111 I caught up with Kristie and I was so excited to finish with her but once I got to her she was sheet white and I am pretty sure was about to drop. She told me to go on but I wasn't about to leave her, we walked for a few minutes and she told me I had to keep running, to pull her to the end, we stopped again around mile 12 and then she said she could do it, I couldn't focus on anything but making sure she didn't drop so I just kept running slower with her so we could get to the end. We saw the finish and she told me to sprint so I did, she pretty much fell into the medics station...once she sat for awhile she was OK but it wasn't a good run for her, I don't know what happened, she is the one who pulls me through all the runs. I called Tammie to see where she was, figuring she had been waiting on us and she was crying because she got on the wrong path and ran a mile into the marathoners course...she was so bummed - at the time it wasn't all funny but now we have all had a good laugh about the craziness! I beat my goal, in fact I beat my last time by 15 minutes and finished at 1:51:59 - I was SO excited!! I never imagined I could run that fast for the whole thing! I was so proud of everyone, everyone did so awesome and had so much fun! I am thankful the rain held out for the race but was so bummed that the tornado's moved in immediately after we finished so we didn't get to enjoy the festivities afterwards, instead we laid around in our hotel most of the day!

Here is a recap of our weekend in pictures...I wish I could say I won't do it again but I will...just not this year!

Here we are at the EXPO!!

Carb loading at Maggianos

My sisters right before we left that morning!

The girls right before we left!

Right when we got back from the race!

Getting ready to go to dinner...the White girls!!

Yes, we are as tired as we all look!

What a fun fun weekend, I wish we could do it all again!


Jennifer said...

What great pics from a wonderful weekend! Congrats Katie, what an AMAZING accomplishment, to have completed two 1/2 marathons!

KRISTI said...

Hey Katie. I'm not sure if you remember me. This is Kristi from IVFconnections. Ring a bell???
Anyway .... I love reading updates on your beautiful family. I was in Nashville last weekend and worked the expo. I was working for a non-profit campaign called Pearl of Wisdom (womens health-cervical cancer prevention). I would have been so excited if I had run into you! I think I recognize one of your sisters but I'm sure I would have recognized you! There were so many people!!!!
Keep up the good work. If our paths ever cross again .. I would love to met you in real life:)

Kelly and Brent said...

Congrats Katie! What an amazing achievement! Love the pictures and I am sure you have memories that will last a lifetime.

Now enjoy some time deserve it!

Katie Tucker said...

I am exhausted just reading this and even thinking about running a half marathon!!! Amazing! You guys did awesome-despite the craziness. Glad Kristie is ok!