Sunday, May 29, 2011

A busy spring!

Before I get started let me tell you that my cousins had their kidney transplant. Sara gave Molly her kidney and all went so perfectly! You can read the whole story at thanks for all your prayers!

We have had such an awesome and busy spring, we are back home settled and SO happy, I can't put into words how 'misplaced' I felt during our little adventure. It was a sweet relief to get back home. We replaced all the floors and it feels like a new home again...our renter also took immaculate care of the house so I can't complain! We didn't tell Katelyn we were coming home that weekend so my girlfriend just brought her over and she was SO excited!! Her room is all back to the way it was with all new girly furniture and of course a princess canopy over her bed. Blake was moved to a different room and we did his big boy room, it turned out adorable, I need to take some pictures to post but I love it! He loves his big boy bunk beds and sleeps so well in his big bed. It was interesting besides little changes to come into a house and know where everything goes...much easier to move in! We of course had a ton of help from our friends and family.

Since we have moved back, Kate played her first softball season, graduated from Pre-K and has been registered for kindergarten - how does it go so fast? Blake is talking non-stop and has become quite the social little man in comparison to a few months ago. We have joined the YMCA and he loves it there, he goes into the childcare and begs me to go everyday...this is the same kid who threw himself on the floor when I took him to MMO in the fall, the same one who I called the pediatrician and said 'something is wrong, Blake can't talk at all'...we now beg for a moment of silence from him:) !

Jeff and I are so relaxed and thrilled to be back home and settled with our family again, we have learned a lot and grown a lot in the past year so we have no regrets on our adventure and we know it was all a part of God's plan but we are happy to be home again. We celebrated Easter with Jeff's family at our house and loved entertaining here again! We also just got back from a trip to Boston and had the best time together, loved being in a completely unfamiliar city together with no kiddos and no agenda. We loved Boston and all the history there, I could have spent another full day there but I was maxed out on my time away from the kids. I have tons of exciting stuff to update but for now I wanted to post some new pictures!
Home Again!
Graduation from Pre-K!
Playing in the backyard!
Our Softball Star!

Ok, I will be back soon with lots more exciting things from the Gordon family!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful spring! So glad to hear you are back to blogging, can't wait to hear all about everything else that has been going on with the gordon family :)

The Partins said...

I love Boston! Glad ya'll are having fun! And the Home Again picture cracked me up.... If I had a dollar for everytime Jeff gave me the same face at work that Blake is making, I could have retired. haha.