Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A long day but we made it!

Wow yesterday was a long day! Jeff and I arrived at the hospital at 8:30am to have our nuchal scan (this is the scan that shows any chances of something significant being wrong with the baby), the baby looked great and my chances are 1 in 10,000 of anything major being wrong. After that, I had a quick preop, went to register at the surgery center and got the party started. Once I had my IV and was laying in the surgery center, Jeff and I just hung out. Around 11:50 they came to do my epidural, I was thinking this was really last minute as I knew Dr. K was going to be ready at 12:00 sharp and sure enough...they said it was time to go back and I was like seriously I am not numb at all! They kept telling me I would be by the time we got back to the operating room. Well, I was able to move myself from the bed to the operating table so I was like hello I am clearly not numb, they said they needed to give me another dose of the epidural (thank you)! Then they started getting everything ready to get started and I screamed as I could feel everything. Dr. K said she is not ready, put the mask on her...they said they had just given me another huge dose to give it a minute but the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was over. So I guess they decided to let me go to sleep for a little while and really it was so much better, I HATED laying there so conscious while they did it all last time. Right when it was over they gave me some great stuff so I wouldn't throw up, with Blake I threw up after the cerclage for about 7 hours straight. SO, all was going really well. About two hours into recovery the epidural still wasn't wearing off at all and I couldn't wiggle my toes so they had to send me to extended recovery and they told us it could take up to 6 hours. So Jeff and I were moved upstairs and about 5 hours later, I could finally start moving my toes. When I was good enough to get up and walk to the bathroom, they said I could go home. When I got up, I was really lightheaded so they made me wait 20 more minutes. I felt better and walked again and was fine (I wasn't going to tell them if I wasn't as I was dying to get home). They said I could get dressed, they would listen to the baby and I could go home, as they were about to discharge me, I started throwing up - so they made me get back on the IV and wait another hour - it was becoming comical at this point! So finally at 10pm last night, we got home and I got settled in my own bed! I am resting and doing well. The cerclage went great and the baby did great, as of last night the heartbeat was around 154 and strong movements so we couldn't ask for more! I am SO happy this is behind us, the first of our important milestones! The baby is officially on lock-down prayerfully till mid January! I follow up with Dr. G on Thursday and Dr.K on the 8th!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


Jennifer said...

so glad to hear everything went well, and you and baby G are doing great :) I will continue to pray for you to have a healthy pregnancy!

Kelly and Brent said...

Yay, so happy everything went! No fun about all the little bumps yesterday. The best part is you and the baby are doing great!

A Vegas Expression said...

Thanks for posting you know how we worry here in Vegas! Many prayers every day for baby and you.

Love Auntie Jane