Monday, August 22, 2011


Well here I grow...some belly pics to document this baby girl!

13 weeks
14 weeks
15 weeks
16 weeks
I am feeling really good, tired but good! I have entered the "scary" time for me in pregnancy, week 16-24 are my weeks that I fear and the weeks that I want to fast forward through. I am already feeling some braxton hicks which as always I HATE but I just keep reminding myself this is my third pregnancy and it is going to be this way! I am hoping and praying that this pregnancy they won't feel as scary as they did with Blake. I was so neurotic with him, rightfully so as losing the girls was all I knew at the time. I do feel SO positive, SO good and much more at ease then I did with Blake so I think that alone will help. With these two beautiful babies at home, I don't have time to sit and stress like I did before! I started the shots this past Friday to help prevent some of the preterm labor and I am trying to find time to rest each day but so far there hasn't been any down time unless daddy is home, having two kids and working with this pregnancy is much different then with just Kate and no job! I go to Dr. Grogan Friday and Dr. K the following Friday so they are all watching things closely! All in all things are going great and I LOVE that we have found out we are having a baby girl, I am having so much fun dreaming about her and planning for her...the kids love praying for her and talking about their new baby sissy who will be joining our family!
Kate is doing awesome in kindergarten and tells me everyday that everything is her favorite, she bounces off the bus full of energy and tells me it is her most favorite school...I am SO glad she loves it!
Blake and I are enjoying our time together and he starts preschool a week from today, he will go three days and I am looking forward to him starting - he and mama need it!!
That's all for today, just wanted to give some updates on me and this sweet baby girl growing inside me!!


Jennifer said...

Katie, you look BEAUTIFUL! You have that pregnancy glow...just so happy for you and your family!

Ashly said...

love the belly pics! If I can help you rest, please let me know:)

I'm praying for you as always!