Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cookies Kyleigh made for the big reveal party...and LOOK how many people were guessing BOY...

The box Meme and Papa's neighbor put the balloon's in...waiting to open the present!
Almost the WHOLE family was there to celebrate!

Blake and Kate opening the present (by the way I SO wanted to jump in and rip it open)!

The moment I saw the PINK balloons!

and Tammie...
the reason finding out Kate was going to have a sister left me crying with happiness!
So excited to add another princess to our family!
Looking at the picture that was inside the envelope, proving the baby was indeed a GIRL!

What an awesome day and what an awesome way to find out who is going to be joining our family! My emotions over the past 48 hours have been all over the place. First and foremost, I had a great appointment with Dr. K on Friday, the baby looked perfect and my cervix was long and closed (4 for those that remember how obsessed I am with the length of my cervix). I was telling him how great I have been feeling and he said, "you are so much better mentally this time, you are going to be just fine Katie"!! I start the shots to help prevent preterm labor on Friday and other than that, things are looking really good! My sweet sweet nurse who does the ultra sound spent so much time showing me the baby (without showing me the goods) and wrote it all in my card with a picture and sealed it all up! I took the envelope straight to my moms neighbor as I couldn't hold on to it any longer then I had! Knowing that I was about to find out the gender of this baby caused me some slight anxiety, I was feeling scared about the immediate connection I knew I was going to feel by knowing this baby by name and being able to dream on a different level about this baby. Even again today, I thought maybe I shouldn't do this, what if I am jinxing myself, what if I am setting myself up - BUT I had to push those feelings away because NOTHING is going to let my fears ruin this pregnancy, I am determined to enjoy this, I need to and I AM! The other emotion I was scared and excited about was if this baby was a girl...and IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know how much I would be impacted by the reality that this was a girl but I could not hold it together when those three pink balloons came flying out of the box and although not planned, I noticed that there were three...I feel like I get to experience carrying a girl this time, a sissy for Kate and Blake that prayerfully isn't going to go to heaven but come home with us. This baby will be a fraternal "twin" of the triplets since it was technically fertilized at the same time as the girlies and Blake and I feel like I am once again being blessed and reminded that they are here with us through these sweet babies and through these amazing blessings from God! The other excitement of this being a baby girl is that my sisters are my ENTIRE life, they are the wind beneath my wings, the very best friends I have in this world, they are what complete me in many many ways. Obviously Tammie brought Kate into this world for us and Kristie was right there with her doing all she could to bring a baby into this world for us. We would lay down our lives for each other and I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that Kate can now have that with a sister here on earth since she wasn't able to have that with sweet Emma, Kelsey and Lauren. I also LOVE that Blake is going to be my only boy, he has his mama's heart like no other and he is the perfect only boy and will be the perfect middle child in our family. I could not have prayed or asked God to orchestrate this any better, His plan once again brings me to my knees in complete awe of the amazing things only HE could do, I am beyond thankful and beyond excited for what this sweet baby girl is going to bring into our lives...I can only imagine!!!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations Katie, Jeff, Kate & Blake! How exciting, a sweet baby GIRL to join your wonderful family. Kate is going to be an amazing big sister and Blake with be the best big brother to his little sis. I saw the video on FB, and had tears in my eyes. Just so happy for you all and what an amazing thing to share with your family. So glad you got it on video!

Kelly and Brent said...

I am just so happy for you Katie!! The expression on your face and the tears in your eyes say it all. Sisters are the best! You can see the special bond you and your sisters have and now Kate is going to experience it. Kate and Blake are going to be the best big Sister and Brother. I love that there were three pink balloons in the know your three sweet angels were there today and are just so happy for their family. :)

Congrats again and enjoy this joyous time!

H Rutherford said...

CRYING!!! This is so sweet. I know those feelings you have about and with your sisters. It is a magical bond and I am so excited that sweet Kate gets to experience them. I love you Katie and am praising God for all the wonderful things happening to you, Jeff, Kate and Blake. BIG, BIG HUGS!

A Vegas Expression said...

Katie, Jeff, Kate and Blake,
I just knew it was a girl! How happy I am for all of you, and how proud I am of all the girls in this family and the way they are able to give life to their sisters! Not many families are as blessed as we are with such strong sisters! Thank you God for such a wonderful family..
Love Auntie

Christie said...

That is SO exciting!! What an amazing way to find out!!! Congratulations!