Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kindergarten...are you kidding me?

The night before Kindergarten and Kate wanted to make homemade pizza for dinner, here is the chef all ready for dinner and early bed!

Well today was officially the first day of school and this mama is exhausted...Kate on the other hand has been bouncing off the walls since she got off the bus, I think she has finally crashed! I was up off and on from 4am till 5:45 then I fell asleep and we all overslept - go figure! We got up and Kate came bouncing in my room all excited for her day. We made cinnamon rolls, got dressed in her new school clothes and woke brother up to head to the bus! Kate was so excited that I was actually just really excited for her! The bus stop was full of excitement and Kate was pretty quiet, you could tell she was a little nervous but mostly excited! When the bus came and she peeked out the window and blew me a kiss, I had to turn around so she didn't see my brief tears! We waved goodbye and headed home. When I pulled Blake's stroller into the garage he said 'k mommy let's get in car and go get sissy now', I laughed so hard, sweet baby was a lost soul without his sissy here all day! I baked some banana bread and pink sprinkle cupcakes for my princesses first day of school, then I paced the house waiting for time to meet the bus. When the bus stopped Kate came bouncing off the bus with the biggest smile on her face and said she had so much fun! I said what was the best part of your day and she said "Everything mommy"!

I love it and I can't believe she goes back tomorrow, this new schedule is going to take some getting used to, these are LONG days without sissy around!

Here are some great pictures of our morning...

Katelyn 5 years old and all ready for her first day of school!

Her backpack is as big as her!

Walking to the bus with daddy!

No fear, all excitement!

This is when she blew me the kiss and I had to turn away from her!

Day 2 tomorrow, I am going to miss hanging with this sweet girl everyday, I swear I just brought her home from the hospital!

Tomorrow is Dr. K to check the baby and my cerclage and if all goes well tomorrow, Sunday we will reveal baby Gordon's gender:)! Our plan is to have the nurse write down the gender in an envelope and give it to my moms neighbor who will then go get pink or blue helium balloons and wrap them in a large box. At my mom's back to school cookout with all our family, we will have Kate open the box and see which color balloons come out!!I can't wait and I have NO idea what I think...boy or girl??


Kim said...

I teared up just picturing Kate blowing you a kiss on the school bus. I can not believe she's in Kindergarten already. Can't wait to hear the news on baby Gordon - balloons is a great idea - my guess is that it's a girl! :)

Kelly and Brent said...

Kate is just so adorable! You can tell how excited she was! Love the idea of revealing the gender of baby Gordon...such a cute idea. Can't wait to hear the news and see the pics of Kate's excitement when she opens the box. :)

GridviewPanda said...

cute gal !