Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celebrating your lives my sweet girls!

I can hardly believe today has been 4 years since I delivered those sweet baby girls, Emma - Kelsey and Lauren! In the past, the week leading up to this day has always been rather emotional and the actual day a little easier...I can actually say this year it has been all around easier. My heart has healed in an amazing way and while I will always miss the little lives of those sweet babies and what could have been with them, I am so blessed I can hardly think of anything else but our blessings and the ways in which God has orchestrated His plan for our lives! I am strangely thankful for the experience, if it had to happen, I thank God that it happened to me, that I can share my story with so many but more importantly that I can be a better of a mom because of it all...that I understand on a completely different level how fast it can all be taken away, that I know never to take one of these babies lives for granted. I look at Blake and think he would not be here with us and now watching my belly grow and so immensely enjoying this pregnancy, I know none of it would be if things hadn't of happened the way they did. Don't misunderstand me, I wish my girls were running around this house adding to the chaos of our lives, I would give many things up for their sweet faces to be here in our home...however, I believe whole hearted that God knew what He was doing and what He wanted our lives to look like! Kate has gotten more of her mommy and daddy then if she had added three sissy's to her life at 18 months, Blake is who he is because of those sweet lives that went before he arrived and sweet Emily would never be - how can I feel sad when His plan always prevails?
Today we are just laying around, Kate has been sick for 5 days with a fever, Blake is catching a cold and all of our weekend plans were cancelled - I am extra thankful for these children who are here with us and who change our plans at the drop of a hat! I start my third trimester with Emily this week, we have started putting things together in the nursery and my pregnancy is going so well so far that I can't even believe it is my body carrying this baby! I walk on the treadmill, pick up Blake when I need to and haven't slowed down at all...I am hanging out with friends, living life and not waiting for something to happen, I am just filled with peace about her arrival after the first of the year. We have our three balloons that we will send to heaven this afternoon, pink, green and purple of course and we bought some yummy cupcakes to celebrate and rejoice in our sissy's lives and to celebrate the blessing of our family!!! SO, Happy birthday to my sweet girls, thank you for all you have taught us and for the brief moments we shared with you!
All our love today and always,
Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and Brother Bear!!!


Jennifer said...

I am sure 4 years ago you never imagined being able to heal from your great loss but like you said, God has had a plan for you, and what an amazing plan he has had. You have enjoyed so much time with Kate, Blake and now expecting the arrival of Emily. Your three little ones will forever be in your heart but have blessed your life tremendously and have helped you grow....Happy Birthday to your sweet angels!

Chris said...

You are SUCH an inspiration Katie!
When ever I start to feel low about why God gave me a ruptured brain aneurysm and I am still struggling to get past it 3 years later. I know that I am Blessed because I had my precious Brooke before it ruptured! I am still here alive and able to enjoy my 2 precious girls. I just read your posts and realize, I had God on my side and I am now living my SECOND life for him, BECAUSE of him. Your girls are in His arms and safe. Happy Birthday Emma, Kelsey and Lauren! Bless you for all you have taught your mommy and daddy because she helps others through your story!!!

Katie- I hope the kiddos feel better soon and I am constantly praying for you and Emily!
Chris Bresnan