Thursday, October 25, 2007

My first trip to L&D (Labor and Delivery)

Well, yesterday I was having so many contractions that they told me I had to come into the hospital - optimistically I was hoping that I was going right back home. Yesterday I had three shots of the terb and lots of fluids and they got the contractions to stop which is great! They were hoping when woke up this morning the fluids and the meds would be enough and that I would be OK but this morning I was contracting again. They gave me another shot and two pills of the terb to get things settled down. I was a little nervous, OK really nervous but they wheeled me downstairs to my high risk and my cervix is good and closed (it was actually 3.2) and the babies looked great! They have kept me on IV fluids and two pills of terb every four hours and it is working because I am only having about 2 contractions an hour and I feel much more at ease not having so many contractions. I also really appreciate what great doctors I have, they have been so on top of me and not taking any chances, I appreciate the care and diligence to my situation. OK the doctor just came in and he said if all goes well tonight I can go home in the morning, YEAH! I miss Katelyn so much it is nuts, Jeff is bringing her by tonight so I can get some kisses, she is probably going to be scared of me in this bed with all these tubes. Thankfully she was with her Nana and Haley today and it sounds like she had a blast! Tomorrow Jeff is taking off work so she will have a normal week-end with us both home. I pray I don't have to come back here till right before the babies are born!
Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know what was going on - please pray for no more contractions and for my body to adjust quickly to all this medicine.

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Chris said...

My scary. You are in good hands where you are. I know you know that. Of course I'm sure you hope to stay out of the hospital as much as possible. I hope you are already home and resting.
Take Care--