Monday, August 4, 2008

Feeling much better today...

I wanted to update earlier to not leave everyone with the emotional break down that I had last week but I have been trying to keep busy. I am feeling much better about things right now. My braxton hicks are so random and sporadic and they aren't even that frequent anymore. I knew the start of the braxton hicks were going to scare me, I just never imagined how intense that fear would feel. I also was praying they wouldn't start this early again. I have been really trying to take it more easy at home but we did have a busy week-end. Today my mother in law has Katelyn for the day and I have been laying around all morning. I will get a lot more help over the next three weeks from my family. In three weeks Katelyn will start preschool three days a week and that will be a huge help and much more fun for her! I am 20 weeks today and I delivered the girls at 22 weeks and 2 days but I was in full labor at 22 weeks so the next two weeks will be an anxious time for me. This week last pregnancy was when my cervix first shortened and when I was first hospitalized for my contractions (I recall I was having over 20 a day at this time) so I am doing much better so far. I go to Dr. Korotkins office tomorrow and will see how everything looks and give you all an update. I am continuing to pray/beg God to take my anxiety away and get me through these next several weeks.

On to more exciting things!! Jeff finished his MBA on Saturday!! I had planned a surprise party at my parents house and my parents and Jeff's parents did everything for me so I didn't have to over do it, they were amazing! Jeff was totally shocked and it was so much fun! My parents got some great pictures of Jeffs face when he walked in the door, I will try and post them if I can. I don't think it has hit either of us how wonderful it is going to be now that he is done. However last night was the first night we sat and watched TV together and actually went to bed at the same time in over three months. I can't imagine the weight that is lifted off Jeff's shoulders, he has completed his MBA in the middle of all that our marriage has survived, he never thought about stopping, I would have~did I mention how proud I am and how excited I am to have my husband back, some major stress off his back and his more carefree attitude!

I will update after the doctors appointment tomorrow.


Katie said...

It was great to see you yesterday, gyou looked great! I hope to be able to come visit you and Kate soon. Take care!

MBKimmy said...

Praying for good news from the Dr and that all will continue to go well!

Congrats to Jeff! Way to Go!