Monday, May 4, 2009

Trying to keep up...

Wow things have been busy around here! The month of May is just going to be a complete blur for us as we have a million different things going on. Jeff is traveling A LOT for work this month, we are heading to my brothers college graduation from Iowa State (without kiddos), Blake is getting Baptized, my dad and step mom are coming for a visit, school ends...need I go on? What makes me sad is that I want time to slow down so much and I know the next several months are going to fly by with all the summer plans we have! Yesterday Blake turned 5 months old and I can't believe it has already been 5 months, I never thought it was possible but the second baby goes even faster than the first! We have had a long week around here because both Blake, Kate and myself haven't been feeling well. I actually took Blake to the doctor Friday to make sure it wasn't the formula bothering him and to my complete surprise, he had a double ear infection and bronchilitis! I knew he wasn't feeling well but he is so happy, I had NO idea he was so sick, he didn't even have a fever! His chest congestion was getting bad and he wasn't eating much so I should have known better...after he turned out to be so sick I decided to have my mom get Kate at school and meet me at the Pediatrician to make sure she was OK (she had been feeling/looking worse to me) so she brought her in and sure enough, Kate had her first strep throat! I felt like mother of the year, I had no idea! Oh well. The next day I went in and got on the Z pack, I am certain strep throat was settling in for me too and I don't have time to be sick right now! Needless to say, I was really happy when Jeff got home Friday night from traveling all week and I was even more happy to have his help over the week-end as both the kids seemed to be suddenly really feeling the effects of their illnesses. Besides that things are going really well.

Blake is also doing great, we have had a time with him over the past month in regards to his allergies. It turns out the scare we had with him was more than likely from a dairy allergy. When I started trying to add some formula, he broke out in hives all over his little face. I tried the hypoallergenic milk based formula and he did the same thing, I tried cutting out dairy to continue nursing but there was no way, for me, it was too hard...we ended up getting him on soy and he has done great on it, thank goodness! He seems to be tolerating the baby food really well too, I am slowly adding new foods to his diet and he is doing really well. He is such a big boy, he needs the food:), Friday at the doctor, at 5 months old, he was 16 lbs 4 oz!!!!! Through all of this, he continues to be the happiest baby, every time you look at him, he breaks out the biggest smile - he definitely has the same big smile as my dad and I love it! He has the same big, bald head that I had as a baby and he just cracks me up with his happy little personality, here are som new pictures of our little man!

Kate is almost done with her 2 year old preschool year and I am so sad to lose her amazing teacher, she has been wonderful. I was lucky enough to sign Kate up for a summer session with her good friend Mackenzie and she will go to school Tuesday and Thursday's through June with her. I think it will be a good break for her during the month of June, she LOVES to be busy and at school! This is a different school then she normally attends but she will do great being with her friend. Kate has also been doing a gymnastics class at the local community center and she loves it, she is actually really good at it and I love watching her trying so hard to do it all right. I am amazed everyday at the energy and spunk that fills every ounce of Kate's little soul, she is so incredibly smart for her young age and she is so full of life. I pray every night that God will keep her safe, protect her amazing personality and help her to use her strong will in the best possible way...she is amazing to watch and she blows me away with her personality! I am looking forward to the summer with her and all that we have planned.

Anyways, that is the latest on our crew...we are just loving every minute of our lives right now, wishing it would slow down and trying hard to focus on living in the moment! We are so looking forward to the upcoming weeks and all the fun things we have planned!


Jennifer said...

Blake is going through exactly what Ansley had as a baby. She had a dairy allergy and we didn't know it until she started to break out in hives. Like you, I couldn't cut out the dairy in my diet. But luckly she wasn't affected by my milk, my body broke down the dairy protein before she got it. But formula was a big nightmare. Ansley ended up on Soy and did great! We kept her on it until she was a year old and then they did an allergy test to make sure she had out grown it. Just make sure as you start introducing foods, that if you give Blake any baby food from a jar that it does not have dairy in it. A lot of times I didn't think about it and she would break out. If you want any help on this or have questions please feel free to email me. I have a long list of foods that are safe!

I can't get over how big the kiddos are getting. They are just precious! You guys are definitely busy and going non-stop. At least you have this blog to help document the kids growing up so you can always look back on the memories :)

The Partins said...

Jamie was the same way with oats at about 3 months and I had to cut it out of my diet. I was SO happy she out grew it at a year so I could eat oatmeal again!!! If it had been dairy, I don't know if I could have done it... and if I had, I don't think people would've wanted to be around me!! haha.
Hopefully he will outgrow it too! The kids are SOOO cute and growing like weeds!