Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wow things have been really busy around usual! I just got back from a 4 day retreat with a new company that I am going to be working for! I have been anxious about accepting this job as I haven't worked since Kate was born but all of my anxiety was lifted during this 4 day retreat with the company. It is the most wonderful company/family and God has really led me to this place in my life. The company is called Apartment Life and we place Cares Teams (a married couple/family or singles) that live in the Apartment complexes and build resident retention as well as a strong community feel in the apartment complex. I am going to be an Area Director here in Atlanta and will manage/work with 11+ Cares Teams in the Metro Atlanta area. I am SO excited about this opportunity. Apartment Life's corporate offices are in Texas so I am going to be able to work primarily from home except for when I need to meet with my teams or managers. It is truly the biggest answer to my prayers right now and I am excited beyond words! With all of that excitement has come a busy month of travel for me, as I mentioned, I just returned from 4 days in Texas and it was the longest I have ever left Kate and definitely Blake so I was dying to return home last night and see them! I have been so lucky with the help of my mother and mother in law during these times I have to travel. I will spend this week here in Atlanta with the current Area Director then it is back to Dallas for three days of training in their support center. Once this is all over with, I won't have to travel so that will be nice, I am not good at leaving my kids - I could never travel for a living! Both Kate and Blake did awesome while I was gone, they loved the time with their Nana and Meme. I do think they were both as excited to see me as I was to see them last night though!
Besides the new job, things have been going really well! We had an awesome vacation with the Mullvain/Bullock/Grosvenor families over a long week-end at the lake. Let me paint a picture for you, it was 12 adults and 12 children (the oldest was 9) all in one house for three nights/four days and we had the best time! We all live very close to each other but to have the time away from life and just to all be together was so much fun! I loved that all of our kids were able to be together and create memories like that too. Kate went tubing behind the boat with Jeff and me and loved it! She was a little afraid of the boat when it left and arrived at the dock but other than that she did really well. Blake was as easy going as they come, he continues to be such a good baby! We did just suffer through another round of double ear infections and will have to see if they come back again...during the ear infections he cut one of his bottom teeth and the other is about to pop through, so he was miserable for a few days. He is sitting up on his own and is just getting so big, I can hardly stand it, he changes so much every day!
All in all life is going really well for us right is amazing to me how content and how at peace I feel, finally...after so many grueling years of infertility and wondering/praying about how it was all going to turn out, if only I could remember in those trying times that I am not in control - God had a plan so much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined!

Here are some great new pictures from our trip and at home!
Kate, Jeff and I on the tube!
Blake and Avery playing in the pack n play! Look at those cheeks on Blake!
Sassy hanging out on the dock!
Blake loving to swing with his sissy!


gregorympattee said...
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Kim said...

So I just left a comment but apparently Greg was just using the computer and it said he wrote it - oops. :) I'm glad you had such a good time at the lake and in TX. Can't wait till Friday - it's going to be fun!

Kelly and Brent said...

Congrats on your new job Katie! You are going to do amazing. Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful month. The kids are getting SO big!

katie said...

Aw, the kids are too cute. I love the cheeks. You are going to be busy with the new job and the kids-great news though! Hope we can get together soon!

MattandErin said...

So glad to have you back! Blake looks like such a big boy sitting by himself! I can't believe it! Hannah cut her two bottom teeth during this past week too... Fun times! :) I stocked up on the Baby Tylenol! :) See you soon!