Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally some time to post!

I finally had some time to sit down tonight and catch up on every one's blogs...sorry I didn't have time to leave comments but I am up to date on all my blogger friends. Jeff told me he doesn't think anyone reads my blog anymore:) I can't imagine why...I can't find the time to sit and blog like I used to. The summer has been amazing and so busy, I am so in love with my life, I am so thankful for my babies and my husband, Jeff and I have had so much going on our entire marriage that I feel like we are finally getting to sit back and enjoy the moments. I just thank God everyday for where we are and what we are so blessed to have.

I have fallen in love with another man...his name is Blake! Nobody told me how amazing it would be having a boy and a girl. I never imagined I could love another child like I love Kate and my girls and then comes Blake - how does one's heart have this much love? Amazing! Blake is doing awesome, he is getting so big so fast and we are loving watching him grow and discover everything. He is completely sitting up on his own, he grabs for all his toys (and puts them directly into his mouth), he rolls all over the place and is trying to scoot to his toys! He has two bottom teeth and two more on the way. He loves his johnny jumper and could jump all day in there! Blake absolute most favorite person in the world is his sissy, he loves Kate so much and lights up the minute she walks in the room!

And for my sweet Kate...she is doing wonderful too, my sweet angel baby is going to be 3 a week from tomorrow! I can't even believe it! I am not sure where the past three years have gone! Kate does act like she is 5 years old and blows me away with the things she says to me. She is starting to give up her nap which makes me SO sad but I know she is ready, she is sleeping so much better at night the days she doesn't nap and naps are primarily a battle for me to get her to be quiet and stay in her room, so I am pretty sure I have given up on the nap. Kate's new thing is that she is so into pretend play and she plays house all day long, it is so funny to listen to her talk to her babies the way I talk to her and Blake. I can't believe how grown up she is getting and I love spending time talking with her, she is so amazing to me and teaches me so much everyday. She certainly makes me stop and enjoy the moments with her.

We have had a busy month, July is a big vacation month for us. We spent the 4th of July in Cashiers North Carolina with Jeff's family and had the best time! It was gorgeous weather and a very relaxing time. Kate had a blast with her cousin Haley and Blake and baby Gordon had a great time too! We leave for the beach a week from today and will spend 8 days with my dad, Nancy, Chris and is always a relaxing and fun time for everyone. I am looking forward to the time away with our family, away from our crazy busy lives here at home! My new job is going wonderful, I love it and feel so blessed to be working for such an amazing company and not having to be away from my kiddos full time - God is so great!

I have to run but here are some awesome new pictures from the past few weeks!
Sissy and Blake playing in the grass!

Nana and Grandpa's Clan!
Blake and mommy on the boat
Adults night out!
Sweet little man!


Jennifer said...

It is so good to hear how everything is going with you guys! It definitely sounds like you are busy, busy, but enjoying every minute of it :)

I can't believe how big Blake has gotten. He is growing up so fast! And Kate is just precious and growing up into such a sweet, beautiful girl.

I love the new pics, they are great!.... Don't worry we still all read your blog and love to hear how you are all doing.

MBKimmy said...

I am here! I read! The pictures are great - glad that all is going well!

KatePetronis said...

Great pictures!!!! Thanks for the shout out. ;)

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